Video of the Week: Kids React to (More) Old Technology


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If you’re a hoarder, you might still have boxes of cassette tapes stashed away somewhere; maybe you still have a player. Hold onto them! Just over 50 years since the technology was invented and more than 20 years since cassettes were superseded by CDs, those fiddly little things are cool again. Long live the mixtape!

Still, most kids today wouldn’t know what to do with a Walkman. This hilarious video – the latest of several in the Kids React to Old Technology series by the Fine brothers – shows what happens when a bunch of grade-schoolers come face to face with a non-digital music playing device.

Take a look – then let us know; what’s your music listening technology of choice today? 

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2 responses to “Video of the Week: Kids React to (More) Old Technology

  1. As a confirmed Luddite, I still have a bunch of cassettes and several players. I also have a few CD’s, but my favorite conveyor of music, at least in principal, is my record player, which lets me listen to my collection of more thjan five hundred LP’s (regrettably, I disposed of my 45’s and my 78’s, but my eight-track tapes are all gone – eaten by the last player I owned.)

    That said, I frequently listen to music on my handy transistor radio, but! And herewith I reveal my guilty secret; most of the time I listen to myriad forms of music on my PC.

    Lazyness wins out in the end, and besides, Youtube has a never-ending cornucopeia of choices.

    Where else could I hear Homer and Jethro’s 1953 recording of “A screwball’s Lovesong”?

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