Live Online Classes for Seniors

If you’re a senior aged 60 and older, these live online classes are designed just for you! Learn about Finance, Wellness, Fitness, Computers and Technology, and so much more. You’ll learn so much, and also find a real community of fellow life-long learners.

Need help joining a class? Call the free Senior Planet Tech Hotline: 888-713-3495

Online Tools for Contacting Your Lawmakers

Online / By Phone

Learn how online tools can help you stay informed and get your voice heard. Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado

Morning Stretch


Start your day with a short morning stretch

Using Google Drive

Online / By Phone

In this hands-on workshop, you’ll create and upload folders to Drive and organize your files within folders. Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado

Introduction to Managing Your Privacy


In this introductory lecture, we’ll review how ads target us online, how to limit tracking, where to find browser settings and extensions to better control how our information is shared. Hosted by Senior Planet North Country

Fit Fusion Workout


Get your heart pumping during this fun, high-energy workout!

Open Discussion – Lunch & Learn

Online / By Phone

Join this discussion group to connect with Senior Planet participants from all over the country! Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado

Easy-to-Follow Tai Chi


Move, breathe and flow during this gentle, slow, flowing form of exercise

Tutoría técnica con voluntarios de Verizon


Voluntarios de Verizon que hablan español se unirán a las sesiones individuales de ayuda técnica para ayudar con el soporte tecnológico. Organizado por Senior Planet at Avenidas

Hosting a Zoom Meeting


In this hands-on workshop, we'll cover the most commonly used Zoom meeting controls. Hosted by Senior Planet Avenidas