Live Online Classes for Seniors

If you’re a senior aged 60 and older, these live online classes are designed just for you! Learn about Finance, Wellness, Fitness, Computers and Technology, and so much more. You’ll learn so much, and also find a real community of fellow life-long learners.

Need help joining a class? Call the free Senior Planet Tech Hotline: 888-713-3495

Stronger Bones


Activate the joints and muscles and increase mental focus during this exercise class. Hosted by Senior Planet North Country

Morning Stretch


Start your day with a short morning stretch

Affordable Home Internet

This lecture goes over basic information you need to know when signing up for home Internet service. Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado

Chair Yoga


Follow various cues to develop body alignment and breath awareness

Short Story Discussion Group — FULL

Online / By Phone

Participants meet once a week to discuss assigned short stories that we listen to as podcasts or read online. Hosted by Senior Planet at Avenidas



Build strength during this full-body workout

Afternoon Stretch


Join us to decrease muscle stiffness, improve your circulation and calm your mind


Online / By Phone

This lecture will cover the basics about drones: what they are, who uses them and why. Hosted by Senior Planet San Antonio


This lecture gives an overview of some important digital tools to help you get your online business up and running. Hosted by Senior Planet Colorado