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Photography: A Life Changer

Learning digital photography changed the life of one Senior Planet member.
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We did it!

Our members' generosity hit record heights!
Entrepreneur Fair
Senior Planet News

Senior Planet Entrepreneurs to hold Holiday Fair

The entrepreneurs at Senior Planet New York City offer their arts and crafts at the annual Holiday Fair.

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Holiday gifts with something extra

Give some gifts with a creative flair for your aging with attitude friends.

Top Phone Scams of 2019

Stay one step ahead of phone scammers trying these top five scams of 2019.
Healthy Aging

The surprising benefits of getting creative

Get creative - your brain (and the rest of you) will love you for it.

In the Blogosphere: Is This Ageist?

Is it ageist to think that the rape of a 73-year-old woman is more awful than the rape of a young woman?

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