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Mon, October 2 EDT
2:00PM EDT / 1:00PM CDT / 12:00PM MDT / 11:00AM PDT


Aspen Hill Library

You’ll learn about the latest iPhone, its features, and what to consider if you’re thinking of buying one. Hosted by Senior Planet in Montgomery
Tue, October 10 EDT
11:00AM EDT / 10:00AM CDT / 9:00AM MDT / 8:00AM PDT

Cloud Storage

Benjamin Gaither Center

In this lecture, you’ll learn the basics of cloud storage — a technology that lets you store documents, images, and other media files remotely while giving you greater accessibility, reliability, and protection for your important data. Hosted by Senior Planet in Montgomery
Thu, October 12 EDT
3:00PM EDT / 2:00PM CDT / 1:00PM MDT / 12:00PM PDT


Olney Library

This lecture offers an overview of Facebook’s evolution, its most popular features, and tips for getting in on the action. Hosted by Senior Planet in Montgomery
Thu, October 26 EDT
1:00PM EDT / 12:00PM CDT / 11:00AM MDT / 10:00AM PDT

Streaming and Smart TVs

Holiday Park Senior Center

Are you paying for TV channels you don't watch? Learn why people are "cutting the cord" and using streaming services instead!

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