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How to Deal with a Sexless Marriage

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My wife and I are in our 60s, very active and in good health. We haven’t had sex in over a year and a half because of my wife’s lack of interest. I would like to ask her if we’ll ever have a sex life again, but she has a hard time talking about it.

We’ve been married almost 40 years and neither of us had any sex partners before we met. I’ve always wanted sex more than she has, though the first years were pretty satisfying for both of us. She started losing interest when our children were young—she’d be OK with sex once or twice a month, and only when she was in the mood.

When she was in the mood, my wife really enjoyed sex and had great orgasms, but that mood hit less and less frequently. I finally became frustrated with being turned down and just waited for her to initiate sex. She didn’t. So our sex lives dwindled until around 15 years ago she realized a more regular sex life might be a good thing. For a short time she’d schedule sex once a week whether or not she felt like it—but then menopause hit and sex dwindled again, diminishing to once or twice a year until we stopped having sex altogether.

I’ve read about vaginal atrophy and would guess she has it. We used lubricant but it still wasn’t very effective the last time. She’s been mostly dry since a few years before menopause.

As far as foreplay goes, either I don’t know how to do it or she doesn’t like to be touched unless she is in the mood. The most affection I can show without her being irritated is spooning for a short period when we’re in bed — I’d better not move my hands to caress her! — and hugs when one of us leaves the house. I’ve tried suggesting a date, but it’s hard to find something she wants to do or doesn’t cost too much.

There are always two sides to a story, and I don’t want to paint her as an uncaring wife. I know at times she’s felt my touching was just for sex, and at times she was right. She told me a few years ago that she felt sorry for me because of her lack of sexual desire. But at this point I don’t think her interest in sex will ever revive, so what would your advice be? Should I ask her what our sex future will be? How should I phrase it? Or should I just accept her celibacy and masturbate when I need release? —Frustrated

Joan Price Responds

I read the frustration and despair in your story and I thank you for being willing to share it here. I can understand why you’re anxious about talking to your wife about this, but communication is the only way you’ll get out of this impasse. The subtle ways – dates, touching, hoping – haven’t worked and although years have passed,  neither of you really understands yet how the other feels. Since I don’t know your wife and I don’t know anything about your conversational style or hers, I can’t give you the magic words for getting the conversation started. Here are some possible openings – finesse one or more of these to fit your comfort and style:

  • I really miss the intimacy we used to have when we were sexual. Can we please talk about how we each feel about sex in our relationship?
  • We seem to have fallen into a marriage without sex. I love you, but I am not happy this way. Would you be willing to see a therapist with me to learn how to talk about this?
  • I realize that I really don’t know your reasons for not wanting to be sexual with me – whether it hurts you, or there’s something I’m doing or not doing. I’d like to hear how you feel.

I strongly suggest that you see a sex therapist (find one in your location) or a sex-savvy counselor for guidance. Therapy will help you identify the issues underlying the lack of sex, teach you how to communicate more effectively, give you strategies for regaining your intimacy if she’s willing, and tools for coping if she’s not, and offer you the boost you need to work on your relationship.

You’re guessing that your wife might have vaginal atrophy, but you don’t know. Have you asked whether she experienced vaginal pain during sex? If it’s just dryness—which is common as women age—as well as using lubricant you’ll also want to be sure that your wife is aroused, even before any genital touching.

If your wife thinks she may have vaginal atrophy, I hope she’ll see a knowledgeable doctor or  pelvic floor therapist to get a diagnosis and treatment plan that can alleviate her discomfort. There are many reasons for vaginal pain, if indeed that’s what she’s experiencing, and getting the right medical help is essential.

You talk about your wife not being “in the mood.” That’s an elusive state when we’re not driven by our hormones. It’s important to understand the difference between spontaneous desire and responsive desire. As I explained before on, spontaneous desire just happens, while responsive desire only happens after a woman’s body starts getting aroused. Most women, especially in our age group, only experience responsive desire. That means you could wait forever for your wife to just want sex. But maybe if she’s willing to try your weekly sex date again, she might find that once you’ve aroused her, the mood sails in. (You might want to share with her an excellent resource about responsive desire, Emily Nagoski’s book “Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life.”)

That said, you should also think about how you’re trying to arouse your wife. You say you don’t know if you’re doing foreplay right. If you go too directly and/or too soon to her vulva before she’s aroused, she’ll likely just want to withdraw. I don’t know if that’s what’s happening for her, and of course the only way to know is to ask her. Working with a therapist will help you learn to ask her how she prefers to be touched and help empower her to guide you.

You’ve both gone so long without sex together and without understanding each other that it isn’t an easy fix. But don’t give up!  If she’s willing, find a therapist who will help you and your wife talk about this and really listen to each other—and if she won’t go, go on your own. Even without your wife, seeing a therapist will help you learn how to communicate with her, and give you new ways of looking at your marriage and strategies for coping. Meanwhile, I encourage you to keep masturbating. It’s good for your general health, your sexual health and your sense of well-being. There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself sexual pleasure.  I wish you the best.

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33 responses to “How to Deal with a Sexless Marriage

  1. Lack of interest does not equate to lack of love. Back issues and menopause have completely removed my interest in sex. My other half sees it as rejection and makes angry threats. Why is a man’s focus so connected to his ability to use a woman’s body to empty the contents of his balls? How about just being happy with love and affection? What about the emotional security of being held while you sleep? What about the years of devotion? How about finding self-worth in volunteering at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen? How can a person be so shallow that they base their lifelong relationship on whether or not their wife can help them empty their balls? I’m throwing my partner out the door due to his rants and anger over lack of sex. He doesb’t accept the limitations of my back injury. Too bad; I truly live him but I don’t need the stress.

  2. I read these comments and feel for all of you, especially the men who I share with of which I have similar experiences.
    My wife and me have been married 9 1/2 years and entered a phas of no sex about 6 months ago.
    When we first met, we had sex 2X a day morning and night. Around year 3 it was 1x week and that lasted another 5 when it became about 1x a week. She would use the excuse of my children may interrupt, although I would point out we have a lock on the door. We have never had oral sex, partly because she informed me she had contracted fenital herpes from a prior relationship, but was under control. I was disgusted with the thought of my tongue in that region. She reached about 58 and went through late menopause which brought on vaginal dryness, solved with a doctor recommended lubricant.
    Soon thereafter, she lost interest altogether and would reject me, citing we would schedule a weekend session which never occurred. I asked her to consult with her doctor about her sex desire and they may prescibe hormone therapy. She is a vegetarian and a purist in many ways, rejecting hormone therapy because of the published risks of breast cancer associated with hormone therapy, though small, my doctor stated. Each year for three years, she assured me she would seek help from a wholistic doctor, which never happened. She even went from sleeping naked in bed to full pajamas and on the rare occsion she would have sex to me, remove only her panties like a robot. I have a high libido and masterbate frequently, which I know she is aware of. The last time we had sex with lubrication, she complained of pain and suggested that beyond a few minutes, she was not interested. I told her that men my age generally took longer to orgasm and for sex to be mutually enjoyable, we both needed to have pleasure. Moving forward, the endless rejection led me to stop trying to initiate sex, because the repeated rejections is having an effect on my confidence and self esteem. I have noticed in the last two months that most forms of affection have dissapeared. She has become a roommate and a friend, but not a wife that gives me the joy and love we used to have. She is against the idea of therapy.
    As a socialite in many women sponsored events, I believe her marriage status is important in her social circle than her marriage itself. The children I mention are my children from a prior marriage and I do 100% of everything for them without any help from her. I have joint custody with my ex. I am at my wits end. I am retired on social security, having spent my entire returment funds on an expensive divorce and a protracted hospital stay and heart and brain surgeries. I have a consulting business in devlopment now, because Social Security isn’t enough to save money. She has her own retail business, which cash flows, but has hasn’t turned a profit in the last 5 years. Our finances have never been merged and the only money between us has been my initial investment in her business. She is somewhat stressed by the reduction in lifestyle we have been reduced to, after years of six figure income for both of us. I am planning a divorce, as I won’t live out the remaining 20-30 years of my life without love and affection.

  3. After 8.5 years in my sexless marriage, I almost found the phrase “You’ve both gone so long without sex together” funny, though it is far from that. A year or two is nothing. I don’t mean to downgrade the pain someone feels with this, but there are levels to everything. Fundamentally, it comes down to 3 choices: leave, cheat, or suffer. If you love the person you will probably end up in the “suffer” category, unfortunately. My wife and I have been in couples therapy now for about 3 years, and while it has helped our relationship a lot, nothing going on sexually. This seems to be the one thing that cannot change (no medical conditions preventing sex). Since husbands are usually thought to be the problem regardless of whether the wife or the husband doesn’t want sex, I should say that I do my fair share (50%+) of house chores, am emotionally supportive of her, and a nice guy, but that is irrelevant. I have asked her why she makes dinner for us even though she hates doing it, and she says it’s because she loves me. (For the record, I would cook, but I’m terrible at it). Hmmm. She does something she HATES because she loves me, but can’t do something she supposedly ENJOYS for 8.5 years. Hmmm. I appear to have some value to her as a friend, roommate, handyman, gardner, earner, companion, but not in any intimate way. Is it so horrible for me to want to passionately kiss her if it doesn’t even lead to sex? Is it so horrible if I want to snuggle with her? We have talked and talked with and without therapist, but it’s just talk. Initially, it probably was mostly about the sex. Now, I just want to be wanted by her. Knowing I will never be wanted again in that way by her or any woman corrodes my spirit a little more each day. I have given up trying since the rejections and sometimes total indifference is devastating. There has to be more than just telling people they should talk about it.

  4. Keep it as quick as I can at 41 I had neck surgery, nothing below waist working very well, had penis pump install, went from 6 to 3 (maybe) tip flops around can’t penetrate vagina….she at time started Menopause and wasn’t really interested anyway

    I Got tired of rejection and told her when she wanted to come find me she felt sorry for me and we tried sex toys and one was to big, hurt her but she tried but I could tell.

    10 years of this and going on5 years since last try, don’t sleep in same be, snoring medical issues up down. So now a hug one a day (maybe) and pecks on lips when leaving house.

    I miss the sex, but I miss even more holding her in my arms snuggling with her just touching her maybe copping a feel she sexy. I miss the simple things

    But she works in a male-dominated field and loves to flirt this drives me bat shit crazy as I know I will never be there with her again.

    Only 50 at wits end, I don’t want to start over, but I don’t want to go another 10 years like this either

    I can’t talk to her about it be cause she has tried it didn’t work, but no physical contact and her liking other guys attention just makes it unbearable

  5. Between the undesirable side effects of the meds I take for depression and the unfortunate consequences of menopause, my sex drive is just dead, and I neither care nor have any desire whatsoever to revive it. I do, however, feel like absolute shit about the negative impact on my husband who is six years younger than me and who has always had a high (higher than mine, anyway) sex drive. Quite frankly, I feel like he has been and is being cheated. So, here’s what I did—

    1. I offered my husband a quick and easy as possible divorce. He (so far) said no.

    2. I told him if he didn’t want a divorce, he should feel free to find date outside the marriage, and if anything serious developed, we would revisit the divorce option. He (so far) said no.

    3. I told him we could stay married/faithful to each other without any type of sex/sexual contact. Ever again. He said he’d think about this.

    We’re currently stuck at #3, but I have a feeling #1 is gaining ground and will ultimately prevail. And I’m okay with that.

    Best of luck….

  6. I am a 64 year old woman who has lost all interest in sex. My 76 year old husband has not. When we were young, we had sex every single day. The frequency began to dwindle a few years back and now has been more than a year since we have had sex. My problem is my husband is still very much interested. He masterbates quite often and I have come home to find him watching porn on the couch and masterbating.

    Now, for the past several months, we go to bed together and after I have fallen asleep, he starts masterbating and the shaking of the bed awakens me. When this happens I can not go back to sleep so my sleep is totally disrupted to the point of causing me to be unable to go about my day normally. I work part time at a day care and I find that when I haven’t gotten sleep the night before, my patience with the kids is really tested.

    I don’t want to sleep in separate rooms or even separate beds. Am I doomed?

  7. Been there, done that. Tried all the hormones, the therapy, the talks, and yes, even the threats of stepping out if things don’t improve.

    Let’s face it, as women age, many lose sex drive, along with experiencing a good number of other sexual problems. When it gone, it’s gone. She may give in from time to time to satisfy her man, but the drive is gone. What men want is for her to have some of that drive back. Men don’t want to force their wives into sex, nor do they want to beg for it.

    We might as well bring up the time tested alternative. Someone on the side. Only you can decide if this is right for you. But we are kidding ourselves if we somehow justify a woman’s position requiring fidelity in a sexless marriage. That’s abusive and hurtful too.

  8. Dear Joan,
    I am partly replying and partly commenting on the many very earnest and difficult sexless relationships discussed here.
    There is one category which never seems to be covered in these kind of forums, that is where one partner is both medically unadvisable to have sex. Add to that some other longstanding unresolved low sex drive and relationship problems caused by their mate (me) in the past, and strict un_affectionate anti_sex parents in her upbringing.

    We are 64 and 66 age, with my wife having a mitral valve replaced 30 years ago from childhood rheumatic fever and poor medical care, after our son was 6 years old. After my heart surgery 2 years ago for the same valve, we found the same surgeon who repaired it robotically and I was able to care for her pneumonia 2 weeks later and a year later heart failure, improved by a TAVR Aortic valve replacement last spring.

    I was active outside a few times with permission, after 7 years of zero sex, and was not having problems engaging in it, but that had to stop when I tried to help a person I was seeing was caught. Even before this, she told me she does not want to nor have any desire for sex or intimacy with me or anyone. Furthermore the AFIB and some remaining heart failure issues make sex not safe to engage in, even if counseling could resolve our relationship issues from the past.

    I still plan/need to continue working in a high tech job many hours a week, with excellent insurance, which is fortunate, and there is no way she can drive or work for several decades now. Put simply, she needs me as a caregiver and husband, as our son and 5 grand kids moved away for church school 2 years ago. We are happy for the days she has some energy and good enough oxygen levels.

    I am very sexually frustrated and a different Danish upbringing with a healthy attitude. contrasts what my Wife and her 7 siblings and and an unstable Mother made her as the oldest have us take in 2 of her brothers early in our marriage. This put stress on things as did a lack of acceptance from my mother, to my Wife, until she died at 97.

    So in summary, WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS IN THIS KIND OF SITUATION? For the months it was possible, I felt like a real man again, and much stronger at home and work. Now it is back to looking at every other couple as maybe having something unattainable for me and my Wife.

  9. Married 36 years, neither of us had sex with anyone including each other until our wedding night: It was tough, but my choice. We had a fantastic time learning each other and how to do it together! I think because I really enjoyed masturbating from my semenarche to marriage, I brought in a healthy way of looking at sex. My wife says she’s convinced that my strong sex drive saved our marriage that got us through our in-laws, the deaths of 2 of our children, accidents, emergencies, seriou surgeries, any one of which could have destroyed us. But, here we are with 13 grandchildren from the strong marriages of our 9 surviving children.

    My point is, most of the sexless marriage problems are from the man not ruling. I ruled our marriage & family and still do. During our engagement I made it crystal clear that my sex drive was high & she was the perfect woman to relieve it. Sure she was sore & tired particularly in the beginning, but she didn’t make it a habit to say no because she knew my hand was nothing like her body that I craved.

    The man must rule by demanding to get what he wants. When he gets it, his wife & children are covered in security & abundance. And everyone under his authority flourishes. Not so in an egalitarian or woman-dominated ‘marriage’ where she gets what she wants that always ends in dysfunction & misery.

    1. Will, I don’t see “ruling” the relationship and demanding that a wife “relieve” her husband, even if she’s sore or unwilling, as a solution to anything except an unhappy wife. I respect your right to your opinion, but to say that an egalitarian relationship “always ends in dysfunction & misery” is unfounded and far from true.

      1. Will’s comment is more true than not (and certainly not “far from true”). See the New York Times story, “Does a More Equal Marriage Equal Less Sex?”

        Marriage, at its core, is a compromise that trades each partner’s strengths to make both better off — but at a cost. Men provide protection, stability, and resources. Women provide fertility, nurturing, and resourcefulness. For men the cost is being far more productive than he’d need to be if caring only for himself and to forsake all other partners in pairing with his wife exclusively. For women it’s submitting to the protector of her choosing and bearing only his children.

        It is an axiom of mate selection in nature that males display and females choose. Females are elevated to the superior status of the male they pair with — the reverse is not true — receive the protection and provisioning of that male, and enjoy the primary bond with the children. Should a wife forsake any of these advantages for the principle of equality?

        Men empathize with women in a way that women do not with men; men *want* to make decisions that benefit women, individually and as a group (the “Women are Wonderful” effect, which both men and women exhibit). Men must risk themselves, including sacrificing their own lives if necessary, to protect the women and children in their care. This is how civilizations are built. But men also have 12-15 times more testosterone than women — far higher sex drives — and are capable of siring hundreds of times more children than women are capable of bearing. A husband must shoehorn that sex drive into the confines of marriage, where only his wife can accommodate it. Should a husband and wife have equal weight in decision making when the husband shoulders ultimate risk for the consequences? Must he provide her preferred amount of resources (which is much higher than he himself needs) while also accepting her preferred amount of sex (which is much lower than he himself needs) under the guise of equality?

        You begin to see the problem. Equality sounds great in principle — people should be equal, right? But in practice, no one is equal. Because then who leads? Who sacrifices? Who risks? Whenever equality or egalitarianism gets discussed in the context of marriage, you can be sure this will involve benefits/advantages, whether natural or societal, that men have that ought to be shared equally with women and not benefits/advantages, whether natural or societal, that women have that ought to be shared equally with men.

    2. Will: I was very disturbed to read your post. I am a man who has been married for 48 years and to read “The man must rule by demanding to get what he wants” suggests a serious mental illness. No human being should “dominate” another person. Love and mutual respect must be the basis for any human relationship.

    3. Wow!!! You should be glad that your wife is still with you… your ass would have been out the door the first time you ever tried to tell me what to do… oh and by the way I’ve been married 20 years and my husband has NEVER told me what to do… we both have great paying jobs and are very independent… I have a Daddy and he stopped telling me what to do when I was 17.

  10. I read this with interest. Masturbation in the case of a marriage where one party is no longer interested in having sex and actively resists any overtures along those lines would seem to be the logical course of action. But to then take into account the Catholic Church’s stance on that interjects another sticking point, if I may use that term. A person wants to, and intends to, stay faithful to their spouse in a sexless marriage “and” be a “good” Catholic at the same time is faced with, what seems to me, a no win situation.

    Suggestions, thoughts, comments?

    1. You’re describing my dilemma to a tee. I don’t know why I’m still here. She told me years ago that “we’ve had all the kids we’re going to have, what’s the point?”. As if I was only there as a sperm donor.

  11. I’ll keep this short, but I could write a short novel. Married 50years and our sex life never really got going. We did have sex on occasion but we would go months in between, not my idea, finally he ‘stopped and said he had no more interest or ambition to have sex. He just didn’t want me and wanted to be left alone, in his world. He worked constantly on the mid night shift away from me. I had to fend for myself, and I could have done that before we were married.
    I’m in my 70’s now and don’t care any more, he’s retired and works in his shop on cars mostly.

  12. We are both in our Sixties now and have been married for over 35 years and apart for a few occasions, birthdays etc my wife just hasn’t been interested. I feel very bitter about it and although there have been compensations in our marriage- children and now grandchildren I have found her lack of interest difficult to cope with. I end up feeling bad about this as I think I should not be ‘obsessing’ about it as she often says. She basically views it as an immature fixation and that as a married man I should concentrate on more important things.
    I have been a loyal affectionate hard working husband ( I would say that!) and I feel I have been cheated. Once the children appeared on the scene I would never have done anything that would risk us splitting up. And now we are old and the chance of my wife changing are now nil. We both have health issues
    My advice would be to sort these problems out before the years pass and certainly before there are children as I think most men have a stronger sense of loyalty and decency than they are often given credit for and are willing to forgo what is a very primal need for the sake of a stable relationship.

  13. Hi, Nice advice. I go through the details of your sexual life. Really it’s happening with many couples as the year goes and children born the interest goes down. But it should not stop like this as it hampering your life. So all should take care on this. Nowadays due to the requirement of Adult Men’s Sex Toys, different kind of online retailer store like Lovecubby available for a variety of high-quality sex toys for men & women that everyone can love. Hope now your problem will be solved.

  14. It’s all a crock. When they stop they stop. My husband stopped 25 years ago when he couldn’t get it up. I think it was a relief for him because he was not much into sex. I am sorry I stayed, but life, illness, dementia parents and a son kept me in this sexless marriage. Now it’s too late. Bitter? You bet. Take what you can, now.

    1. Demetria,

      I agree, once they stop there’s nothing that’s going to get them interested or willing to do it again. With my wife it was menopause. But I do like your advice, don’t waste time with them and take whatever you can get now. Life is way too short!

    2. Demetria, so how old are you now? Just curious. I am 60 and my wife has zero interest in sex, was never real sexual, but after menopause, it is zero. I feel I am too old to move on by myself, most everything in our relationship is good, but sex is very bad.

  15. My wife lost interest in sex years ago. She continued to have sex for a while but that eventually ended and we haven’t had sex now in over 5 years. She has absolutely no interest in it. I’ve tried everything I can think of but I’ve given up. The only thing I have now is masturbation about 3 times a week. She’s always saying how bad she feels about it but but never offers to do anything. I’m only 63 and I’ve pretty much just given up.

    1. Bob, my wife is the same way, says she feels bad she has zero interest in sex, but doesn’t offer anything like oral or HJ either. I am free to masturbate without hiding it, just don’t ask for sex, ever.

    2. I have the same problem, my wife and I are 73 years old, 7’years ago she told me she no longer had an interest in sex, so,it has been 7 “dry” years, she told me I was free to,find someone to have sexy with!! I told her that I did not want that, That I only wanted her but she said she loves me but has no sexual feelings, it is slowly destroying me and I do not know what to do, she refuses to talk about it, will not spoon in bed and pulls away from any hug.

  16. I think that the advice to seek a trained sex therapist, and the encouragement to increase communication between this man and his wife is appropriate and excellent. But if neither of those possible remedies to the sexless marriage proves satisfactory, then perhaps the couple should agree to allow the husband to seek sex outside of the marriage. If done with the full knowledge of both partners, and always using safe sex, this would provide another solution to their dilemma.

    1. At this stage, you may be right about getting help. For others that are on the borderline of this happening:
      Suggest to her that she will have control of the situation. Choosing a date of the week for example, in which she will be the one to request it. For a woman, as she ages, she needs time to get into that sexual mindset and anticipation is a great aphrodisiac.
      Scented coconut oil is a great way to give her a message. Dont worry about having sex for a long time. Quick and fast is also good. lol.

  17. Bonnie, thank you for commenting. Withholding sex as punishment is hostile — you deserve better. I suggest to you what I advised Frustrated — see a therapist right away. You’re right that it’s a huge, painful problem. Please ask your husband if he’ll see a counselor with you to save your marriage. If he won’t go, go on your own to express your feelings fully and evaluate whether you want to be in this marriage and, if so, what can be done to improve it. I urge you to seek help now.

    – Joan

  18. Hi
    My husband has showed be very no closen in for years. I tried to think that it was OK, I still had company and friendship. I though it was my age, now I am 65 look OK, but not yong any more. But if he cared for me a hug would be nice. I finally asked him he said I was crab and mad all the time, I have a lot of pain and take a lot of meds sometime, and yes I am very unhappy with my life, but I try to hid it. He has with held sex before, once or twice when he was mad at me a couple of times in the past 18 year, that was my punishment. This is a huge problem, how can I live with someone who feels this way? Is there anything I can do. It makes me feel sick.

      1. Keep it as quick as I can at 41 I had neck surgery, nothing below waist working very well, had penis pump install, went from 6 to 3 (maybe) tip flops around can’t penetrate vagina….she at time started Menopause and wasn’t really interested anyway

        I Got tired of rejection and told her when she wanted to come find me she felt sorry for me and we tried sex toys and one was to big, hurt her but she tried but I could tell.

        10 years of this and going on5 years since last try, don’t sleep in same be, snoring medical issues up down. So now a hug one a day (maybe) and pecks on lips when leaving house.

        I miss the sex, but I miss even more holding her in my arms snuggling with her just touching her maybe copping a feel she sexy. I miss the simple things

        But she works in a male-dominated field and loves to flirt this drives me bat shit crazy as I know I will never be there with her again.

        Only 50 at wits end, I don’t want to start over, but I don’t want to go another 10 years like this either

        I can’t talk to her about it be cause she has tried it didn’t work, but no physical contact and her liking other guys attention just makes it unbearable

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