Impact Areas

Our mission seeks to achieve measurable change in the lives of older adults, and we have chosen five “impact areas” where we know technology can be a critical factor: financial security, social engagement, creative expression, health and wellness, and civic participation. In each of these areas, we aim to empower older adults to use technology to reach their goals and be part of a thriving community that supports and celebrates aging.

  1. Financial Security – Help older adults of all income levels to leverage digital tools to increase income and benefits, save money and avoid fraud, and gain more control over financial information, planning, and processes.
  2. Social Engagement – Harness technology to rebuild social networks, strengthen bonds with family and friends, and increase connections with people and events, whether in our neighborhoods or across the world.
  3. Creative Expression – Amplify the creative voices of older adults through all media, using technology and training for production, display, and distribution.  Formats include visual art, sculpture, 3D design and printing, music, writing, streaming performance, podcasting, and video production.
  4. Health and Wellness – Build knowledge and confidence in using digital tools for better health, more informed patient engagement, and higher levels of physical activity.
  5. Civic Participation – Empower older adults with digital tools to stay engaged as volunteers and voters, combat ageism, and help build a healthier civil society.  Support informed research, communication, advocacy, organizing, and dialogue.