Category: Technology

Friday, October 2

International Day of Older Persons

The International Day of Older Persons brings to light the challenges and inequities facing older people worldwide.

Monday, April 20

Stuck at Home Guide: Safe and Secure Video Chatting

Using video chat services? Read this to learn how to stay safe – and private! -online and foil “online hijackers.”

Monday, April 13

Stuck At Home Guide: Telemedicine

Are you ready for your (telemedicine) close-up? Get the facts!

Tuesday, March 24

Stuck at Home Guide: Best Internet Devices for Older Adults

The official Senior Planet list.

Tuesday, March 24

Stuck at Home Guide: How to Get Online

Here’s a rundown on low-cost internet connectivity.

Friday, March 20

Reach out and touch someone – digitally

Curious to know the nitty-gritty about digital ways to stay in touch?

Monday, January 13

Trading in your phone?

Thinking of trading in your phone? Read this first.

Friday, January 10

Hey, Google, MYOB

Is Big Brother watching….your medical history?

Friday, December 6

Top Phone Scams of 2019

Stay one step ahead of phone scammers trying these top five scams of 2019.

Friday, November 22

SIM Card Scam

Learn how to protect yourself from the latest way scammers can get control of your phone.

Wednesday, September 11

Retro fit your home

No family nearby? No worries! Retrofit your home with these tips.

Friday, August 23

Internet like a Millennial: Memes

Get the latest on internet trends here!

Monday, July 29

High-tech answers to Low vision

There are surprising new technologies to help vision-impaired seniors.

Monday, July 22

Old sneakers auctioned for $100,000. What’s in your closet?

A pair of sneakers will be auctioned for more than $100,000; learn how to turn your clutter into cash…or just get more breathing room.

Friday, July 19

There’s an App for…whaaat??

Sit or Squat?? You’ll be surprised and amused by some of the apps revealed here.