Tech of the Month: Streaming services

Want to cut the cord? Tired of paying hundreds of dollars a year on cable subscriptions?  Some studies indicate that costs for TV service rose almost twice as fast as inflation, rising more than 50 percent in about ten years to an average of $100.98 in 2017.

There are plenty of alternatives to traditional TV, as this article explains, but the alternatives and how they work (Sling TV? Roku?) can be confusing, and mistakes can be costly.

That’s why the Senior Planet Tech of the Month for September is streaming services, those free (like YouTube) or low cost alternatives (like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu) to traditional TV or cable –   and the smart TVs and streaming devices that display them (although smartphones, desktops, laptops or tablets can also stream video).  In September, there will be two sessions to explain streaming services in general and the most popular streaming service – YouTube – in particular.

Streaming Services:  Curious about streaming services, how they work, how to use them and the huge variety of content available?  There’s a session on Streaming Services on September 11 at 3:30. You must RSVP, just email or call 646-590-0615.

YouTube: One of the most popular of all streaming entertainment is YouTube, which offers classic movies, how-to videos, news, archived clips of historic events and lectures and classes.  You can get an overview of what’s available on YouTube and learn how to navigate, get tips for viewing, sharing and even posting videos of your own. There’s a session on Youtube on September 14 at 1:15 pm; you must RSVP, just  email or call 646-590-0615.



4 responses to “Tech of the Month: Streaming services

  1. Wonderful thing for many, but not for me.

    I prefer to watch the old movies and sitcoms AFTER I’ve taped them so I watch whenever I can or feel AND rapidly jumping all commercials! True I’m paying now over $200 per month (which 2 months ago was $172) BUT, it’s for TV with TIVO, plus computer plus telephone. Besides taping, I do watch some politics and some other news live. Yet, I would love to cut the cord if the streaming companies offered something like I have now, or from some other sources…

    Will appreciate any ideas… :) Thanx.

  2. I’ve been streaming Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime for 5 years now. I started with a Roku box, and just recently bought a 65″ Roku TV. These channels have NO COMMERCIALS. If I’m paying for any TV, then I don’t want to pay for commercials. Utube is great & free, maybe one short commercial, and the content is awesome. I can watch major TV shows on Utube. I have an antenna for local stations, but, can’t stand all the commercials. I can watch the show the next day on Hulu, without commercials.

    1. Yes, I would like to cut the cord. I am paying to much for cable and Internet connection
      But my problem is that I need to have channel 1790 which is Rai from Italy. If that is the case I would like to cut the cord. Could I have my Italian chann if I swicht. t

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