Senior Stereotype Bingo


As you go through your day, you probably encounter way too many clichés and stereotypes about what we seniors are like. Don’t let it get you down. Play bingo!



Which cliches about seniors most annoy you? Check them off as you encounter them and let us know when you get Bingo!

If you’d like to print Senior Stereotype Bingo, click here to download a PDF.


Roz Warren is the author of “Our Bodies, Our Shelves, A Collection Of Library Humor.”


15 responses to “Senior Stereotype Bingo

  1. Oh dear. I have to get this typed in before I take a nap 8-) I do yell “get off my lawn” at the deer, or
    rather, “Quit eating my plantings!”. Of course, they ignore me and practically try to come in my front door! How about yelling at the Downy Woodpeckers to quit drumming on my garage…? Oy!
    Roz nails it again.

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