How Can I Save My Favorite Websites So I Can Find Them Later?

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Do you check back in the the same websites pretty much every time you power up? Keeping track of the URLs of all these websites can be a pain, especially if the links are long and complicated. Making use of your browser’s bookmark feature could make your life a lot easier. Just one click, and you’re on the website.

Bookmarks are helpful little online tools inspired by physical bookmarks. The concept is all about saving your place for later. When you’re on a website you know you’d like to revisit, just bookmark it, and your browser will save the location for you to easily find later. Some browsers call these “favorites,” because you probably will save websites you frequent.


How to make use of bookmarks


Depending on how you organize your bookmarks, you can either access these links from the drop-down menu at the top of your screen or in your browser’s bookmark toolbar, right underneath the URL.

bookmark 1



When you do create a new bookmark, be sure to name the link something that helps you easily remember what it is. For example, if I would like to save the Tech Tips page so I can easily find all the tips in one place, I might name my bookmark “Senior Planet Tech Tips.”


boomark 2


If you bookmark a lot of links, it could get difficult to find what you’re looking for. In that case you can make use of folders to better organize bookmarks into categories. If you are bookmarking websites to help plan for an upcoming trip, you could put all related bookmarks in a “Travel” folder.

You can also delete bookmarks you don’t use as much. For example, you may have bookmarked a recipe that looked good or a hotel you would like to stay in, but the recipe wasn’t so great or you chose to stay in a different hotel. You probably don’t need those bookmark anymore, so you can just delete them. The tutorials below will show you how.


How to create and organize your bookmarks


To help you create and access your bookmarks, every browser does things a little bit differently. Click on your browser below to read instructions on how to bookmark sites and organize them.

Internet Explorer 10:  How to add to, view, and organize favorites

Firefox: How to use bookmarks to save and organize your favorite websites

Safari: How to add a bookmark in safari

Google Chrome: How to create and find bookmarks


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