Category: Technology

Friday, July 19

There’s an App for…whaaat??

Sit or Squat?? You’ll be surprised and amused by some of the apps revealed here.

Friday, July 12

Save Money Online Like a Millennial

Some tricks you can use to live large online and donate to your favorite non-profit, too.

Wednesday, July 10

Older performers star in Legacy Project

A new resource debuts to document the work of older performers…would you be among them?

Friday, June 21

Are you overpaying for your phone plan?

Are you overpaying for your phone? One expert’s advice.

Friday, June 7

Tech of the Month: Mindfulness Apps

Learn about the latest in meditation apps…and about a free class coming up.

Wednesday, May 29

One Ring to Scam them all

Scammers have a new way to hustle you by phone. Don’t fall for it!

Wednesday, May 8

Tech of the Month: Fitness Trackers

If sitting is the new smoking, kick the habit and get moving with these trackers.

Monday, April 8

Go Green with Gadgets

Go Green with these earth-friendly gadgets.

Monday, April 1

Tech of the Month: Blood Pressure Cuffs

How much do you know about blood pressure cuffs?

Friday, March 29

Tech Support Takedown!

Watch a video of one man’s experience – don’t let it happen to you!

Wednesday, March 20

“Work!” it!

Senior Planet members learn to job search in a digital world.

Wednesday, March 6

What Would Your Name Be If You Were Born Today?

Find out using this interactive tool. Mary? How would you like to have been Olivia instead?

Wednesday, February 6

Be a Changemaker – Digitally

You can be the change and support good causes without leaving your desk!

Wednesday, January 30

New horizons in data breaches?