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“We’re lifelong learners, we’re healthy and we’re curious  — those are the key things that drove us to set out on this journey.” —Michael Campbell

The journey? Two years of traveling (and counting), 45 countries, 125 cities, 85 AirBnBs.

Michael and Debbie Campbell had been in”what’s next?” mode — they’d been wondering what their retirement might look like. When their daughter introduced them to the hotel-alternative site AirBnB as a far less expensive way to travel full-time, they quit their jobs, sold stuff, downsized and took off.

“After doing some calculations I came to the conclusion that maybe we could live in your homes for the same amount of money that we would spend if we just stuck it out in Seattle in retirement,” Michael says. “We slept in your beds, we cooked in your kitchens, we used your coffee makers, we washed your dishes, we knew that we could belong anywhere…. We made friends all along the way”

This 14-minute video — admittedly, something of a pitch for AirBnB — the Campbells describe how they went about it, and the huge variety of places in which they stayed and experiences they had, from Amsterdam to Nicosia and Cuba.

Visit Debbie and Michael’s Senior Nomads blog

Have you tried AirBnB?


3 responses to “Video of the Week: An AirBnB Retirement

  1. Debbie and Michael have been an inspiration to me! At age 54, I sold my home, put a few heirlooms in storage and packed a bag for Europe where I stayed in AirBnB apartments. Now I’m travelling across Europe and Asia with no plans to move back to the US anytime soon, starting a food travel blog and supplementing my modest savings with consulting work.

    I’ve met young digital nomads just starting their careers, retired couples like Debbie and Michael and even a few families – but not many single women like myself. I’d love to see more articles and videos by women age 50+ who are living a portable life.

    Currently, I’m in Barcelona with an itinerary to visit Bucharest, Lyon, Helsinki, Tallinn, Kuala Lumpur, Chiang Mai, Penang, Singapore and who knows where after that! I could never afford to do this without AirBnb.

    Also, as a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, it’s great that I can cook in kitchens all over the world. My food travel blog will focus on popular and up-and-coming foodie destinations so thank you for helping me follow my passion!

  2. please explain the specifics of AirBnB……are air lines involved… are trips planned…please explain the decisiions of where to stay………Specifics…….for everyone to be involved with Air BnB…thanks

    1. Hi Susan, AirBnB is a website that matches people who are looking for a (usually) cheaper and friendlier alternative to a hotel stay, with people who have a spare room or apartment to rent for a couple nights or more. It’s a kind of DIY B&B, and millions of people all over the world use the site to find places to stay when they travel. You can read Senior Planet’s article about AirBnB here:

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