Author: Tekspert Lorne

Monday, July 2

An Octogenarian’s Unexpected Love Story

Cynthia Riggs was 80 and Howard Attebery was 90 when they reconnected after 62 years. Listen to their unfolding love story via Soundcloud.

Wednesday, September 13

Back to School: Free Online Courses 2017

With just an internet connection, you can take courses offered by top universities. Here are some that are enrolling now.

Tuesday, September 5

Harvey Recovery: 5 Ways You and Your Computer Can Help

Go beyond donating. Here are five little-known ways you can make a difference in people’s lives.

Wednesday, August 2

Google Goes to Space

Now you can take a virtual 360° tour of the International Space Station—and learn how astronauts use the bathroom.

Wednesday, July 26

If You Tweeted, What Would You Tweet the Prez?

In 140 characters or less, what would you tweet the Prez? Here’s what some NYC seniors told City Limits.

Wednesday, May 17

Health Update: Cannabis May Reverse Aging in Older Brains

Could pot be the next experimental treatment for cognitive decline and dementia? This research is worth watching.

Wednesday, April 5

Video: An Octogenarian Shows the World True Style

Watch this powerful reminder that passion and authenticity can help us age beautifully.

Thursday, March 16

10 Spectacular #SuperBloom Photos

Instagram is a treasure trove of imagery from this year’s desert super bloom in Southern California. Happy Spring!

Wednesday, February 22

Senior Planet Aging with Attitude Film Awards 2017

Watch the trailers, read the pitches and vote for the 2016 film that best captures a vision of aging with attitude. Did we miss anything?

Monday, February 20

Design for Aging: Jikka House

In rural Japan, two older women are serving their community in what might be the world’s most beautiful retirement home.

Friday, February 3

Watch this Powerful Video: “All That We Share”

This Danish video busts through intolerance with a reminder about who we really are. And it’s going viral.

Saturday, January 28

Scam Alert: “Can You Hear Me”?

A new scam spreading across the Northeast and elsewhere is targeting people via robocalls.

Monday, November 28

Aging With Attitude: Activist Frances Goldin

Frances Goldin and her sign are well known among regulars at New York’s Pride Parade — but her activism goes further back.

Tuesday, September 6

Aging With Attitude: “Gaming Grandma” Shirley Curry

This 80-year old gamer has more than 140,000 fans on YouTube and spends much of her time communicating with them.

Friday, April 29

Tech Tips: How to Send a Photo Via Email

Want to share a picture with a friend via email? Here’s a step-by-step.