Become Your Own Apple Genius, With These iPhone Tips

Ah, iPhones. It seems that you can’t live with them or live without them.  How often have you gotten the message about not having enough storage or wondered why your battery drains so fast?  If you are tired of forever asking your kids (or grandkids) how to fix things, (according to Buzzfeed they might be getting sick of it!)  Never ask again!  We searched the internet for a list of the best tips and tricks out there to make your iPhone work better then before (and even save your life in an emergency)!

If you phone is always running out of battery….

Try turning down your brightness. Go to  settings.  Click on Control Center. Adjust the brightness a bit lower, but still at a comfortable level for your eyes.

I phone screen 1

Another tip is to close your apps or turn off your Background App Refresh.

To close your apps, double click your home button and you’ll see all of the apps you’ve opened ready to be closed by swiping up. You could also turn off a feature called Background App Refresh through Settings > General > Background App Refresh, which automatically downloads updates and checks for new content on apps that are running.

If you are running out of space on your iPhone…

Do some fall cleaning. Delete unnecessary photos, messages voice mails, and apps.  You  can see what’s taking up the most space on your phone by going to Settings app > General > Usage > Manage Storage.

If you are like us (and never delete photos) a quick way to clean all of those thumbs over the lense pics is to delete photos in bulk. Simply, open Camera Roll and click Select on the top right corner. From there, just tap the photos you want to select and hit the trash can button on the bottom right of the screen.

If AutoCorrect is your downfall…

Save abbreviations and other things in the Chat lingo in Settings – General – keyboard. See below.



If you always forget to take your phone off vibrate…

Never miss an important message (or funny group text) again. To enable a flashing light for whenever a message comes in go to: Setting > General > Accessibility > LED Flash for Alerts > ON

If you are looking for some new apps….

Be sure to check out our tech tips on Senior Planet!

And finally, the tip that could help doctors save your life. (Note- I can’t do this on my phone) 

ER Worker Katherine Jarmy recently posted a photo that got shared over 600,000 times. that told everybody about how  iPhone’s Medical ID application can save lives. ​To put an emergency contact on your phone that can be opened without unlocking your phone simply:

Locate  and open Health Application on your phone. Click the last button on the left where it says ‘Medical ID.’ Fill in information needed.When you’re finished, click ‘Done’ on the top right corner.  If you are in an accident, medical personal can access your information which appears as a Medical ID on the lock screen.

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