Author: Dianne Lange

Wednesday, June 12

Stop! Don’t click that “Pay” button!

Don’t click that ‘pay’ button till you’ve read about those lurking hidden fees.

Friday, May 10

Top trends in ‘Superfoods”

Which of these top ten health foods are on your grocery list?

Monday, May 6

Get Healthy: Volunteer.

A study shows that depression symptoms lessened in seniors who volunteered.

Monday, April 8

Go Green with Gadgets

Go Green with these earth-friendly gadgets.

Tuesday, August 29

Does Online Brain Training Work?

The short answer is, it depends.

Monday, August 7

Typewriters Are Making a Comeback

Forget iPhones. There’s a revolution brewing, and a new Tom Hanks film could make the typewriter the latest must-have.

Friday, May 5

Superheroes with Laptops: Older Crisis Volunteers Are Saving Young Lives

This text–based crisis helpline says its older volunteers do the best job of easing young people’s emotional pain.

Friday, March 3

What’s Next in Health Technology

Microchips are already monitoring thermostats and cars. Now they’re poised to revolutionize healthcare—and with it, aging.

Friday, February 10

Doctor House Calls Are the Next Big Thing

Doctors are going virtual, offering visits via video calls and mobile apps—and Medicare is catching up to the trend.

Sunday, January 1

You’re Never Too Young to Decide How You’ll Die

If you haven’t made a living will, add it to your New Year’s resolutions list. This online tool can help.

Wednesday, October 19

The Freebird Club: A New AirBnB Just for Seniors

Stay in a senior’s home or host an older traveler, but don’t call this club “Silver Sharers”!

Sunday, October 16

An Innovation in Memory Care: Therapy Through Design

Can creating a faux hometown environment help slow or even reverse dementia?

Monday, September 26

A Gap Year for Seniors in Moldova

Ever thought of serving in the Peace Corps 50-Plus program? The Gills signed up for a stint between work and retirement.

Thursday, September 8

This Study Needs You

Want to help change the face of medicine? The largest research study ever is preparing to recruit a million volunteers.