Author: Dianne Lange

Monday, July 25

What You Need to Know About Probiotics

Probiotic supplements may help a variety of health conditions, but you have to pick the right ones.

Wednesday, June 22

How to Keep Your Microbiome Healthy As You Age

An imbalance in your gut microbes can lead to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression and more.

Saturday, April 16

On the Road with Female Nomad Rita Golden Gelman

Approaching 80, “female nomad” Gelman says solo travel in faraway places is safer as you grow older. She should know.

Tuesday, March 8

5 Ways to Ease Your Fear of Falling

Being afraid you’re going to fall actually increases your risk of falling. Learn how to gain balance and boost your confidence.

Monday, January 26

Aging with Attitude: Pole Dancer Greta Pontarelli

Greta Ponterelli was approaching 60 when she took up pole sports. At 64, she’s a world champion and showing that age is no barrier to pursuing a dream.

Tuesday, December 16

On the Road in a Vintage RV

A slow, calamitous road trip in a ’73 motor home taught this newly retired couple more than they’d expected about life’s joyful misadventures.

Friday, November 28

Aging Out of Place in Barranco, Peru

What’s it like to live in this thriving bohemian neighborhood of Lima? Larry Pitman went there to retire and discovered his third act – plus a top-notch health system.

Tuesday, July 22

Aging Out of Place in Jomtien, Thailand

A theater fan and classical music lover, Sheldon Penner has found both friends and a cultural life in Thailand. It’s also a life he can afford.

Monday, June 30

Aging Out of Place in San Miguel, Mexico

This Mexican mountain town has much to offer seniors – including those who are single.

Thursday, May 29

Aging Out of Place in San Vicente, Ecuador

After a series of heart attacks, Don Murray and his wife spent a year researching retirement-abroad options online and settled on this laid-back rustic town.

Monday, March 3

Challenges to Intimacy: Iris Krasnow on Sex After 60, 70, 80

How can we sustain intimacy while facing the challenges of life-stage transitions.

Tuesday, February 18

What Can We Learn From Japan’s Age Boom?

How is the country adapting? Take a look at Japan’s innovations in aging.

Tuesday, August 27

How to Make Money and Friends from Your Spare Room

Seniors are renting spare rooms short-term via sites like airbnb. Besides earning extra income, hosting guests can help bring life back to their homes.

Tuesday, July 16

Couchsurfing for Seniors: Much More Than a Free Place to Stay

A global online community offers hospitality to travelers – from a place to sleep, to an insider view of the place you’re visiting and new international friendships.

Monday, July 8

11 Tips for No-Hotel Travel

Whether you’re renting a room for a week on Airbnb or booking a night on a sofa via Couchsurfing, ask these questions before your make your request.