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Are you an eco-warrior doing your bit to shrink your environmental impact?  Small changes in your daily routines and the products you use matter;  they add up to major reductions in energy use, water consumption, and waste and make a contribution to the health of the earth. You may even save money, too.  Showering under a low flow showerhead, for instance, can cut your water use by as much as 60 percent, trimming your water bill.)  Industry is catching on, offering products and gadgets that can help – here are just a few—all under $40—that can help you ‘go green.”

USBCell AA Rechargeable Battery  

Batteries are one of the most toxic things you use daily.  As they disintegrate in landfills, they slowly release lead, nickel, lithium and more into the water and air. Rechargeable batteries are an alternative, but they take up to five hours to charge.

The faster solution is a USBCell Rechargeable Battery. When connected to a multi-charging cable, four batteries can be powered up completely in two hours. A red light shows when batteries are charging and goes out when they are fully charged. A smart chip protects against overcharging, and the batteries can be recycled. (Even rechargeable batteries have a limit.) The bonus is a USB port for charging a portable device when you’re on the go.   $23.97 for 4 AA batteries with charging cable at Amazon.  

Efergy Showertime Shower Timer & Alarm

Stand under a warm shower, and time seems to stop as the spray massages your body. Trouble is it only seems that way.  In fact, for every minute that passes under the shower about 2.1 gallons of precious water goes down the drain—not to mention the energy used to the water hot. 

To limit shower time to a water-saving five minutes, you need a timer.  There are  inexpensive, mini-hour-glass types available, but the water-resistant, digital Efergy Showertime  earns high marks.  This easy to use, battery operated, shower timer helps you monitor the amount of water you use at every shower; use the measuring  measuring bag supplied to calibrate.  Turn on the timer when you shower and follow the progress on the visual display. The alarm will sound when you have reached your target volume of water.  $35.36 at this website. Laptop Sleeve 

Living in a high-tech, energy-draining world demands putting your eco-consciousness to work however you can.  What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by using recyclable materials to protect your digital gadgets.  

Sobi-eco in Slovakia recycles textiles and discarded plastic bottles to make insulating lap top and tablet bags.  The same material is formed into a water bottle carrier, too. And you’re doing good: The cases are handmade by physically disadvantaged and socially excluded people.  $29.47 from Etsy

My Conscience, My Choice App

You’ve resolved to shop with the environment in mind, but as the website My Conscience, My Choice says, learning what’s a greener brand of the products you choose can be exhausting.  That’s why the founder, Dory A. Kurowski, raised the funds to develop an app to guide users to eco-friendly, cruelty-free, natural alternatives for a long list of products.

Search a product name on the app and if it’s in the data base, you’ll not only be given an alternative option but a list of reasons why to buy it.  For instance, an option for a well-known antiperspirant is a more natural one that contains no aluminum, talc, petrochemicals or sulfates. Click on the green, How-To-Get-It bar, and you’ll be directed to an online retailer and a local one if available. The product list is updated quarterly. 

$0.99 My Conscience My Choice on the App store.



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