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Senior Planet Book Club: My Beloved World

The votes have been counted and we are pleased to announce that our next online Book Club offering is…..

My Beloved World by Sonia Sotomayor

For week one of our Book Club, please read chapters 1-10 by Tuesday, October 27. 

Then come back to and we’ll open a conversation in the comments so everyone can discuss what we read!

We’ll meet over Zoom to discuss the full book the week of November 16th. More details to come!

Here is how you can obtain a copy of My Beloved World:

Borrow Online:

Most libraries in the U.S. allow patrons to borrow e-books or audiobooks through online systems or applications you can download to your smartphone. OverDrive and Hoopla are two of the most popular services. My Beloved World is currently available on OverDrive HERE. If you are in New York State, you can apply for a library card online HERE.


Order a Hard Copy:

Contact your local bookstore to see if they are shipping books! We highly encourage you to support the independently owned bookstores in your area.


Visit, an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community.


Order on Amazon


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Purchase on Nook: $13.99

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Having any issues getting the book? Call (917) 936-4410 for assistance!


5 responses to “Senior Planet Book Club: My Beloved World

  1. I’ve left a comment but haven’t seen it posted. So I will try again. I find Sotomayor’s strength and sense of herself as a person impressive and apparent from childhood. Her mother working nights, not being available, and her father’s drinking may have derailed many a child. But Sotomayor is self-directed. Possibly this is because of her extended family, particularly her grandmother, and sense of cultural traditions she absorbs from family.

  2. In so many ways she presents as a typical young person growing up in an extended family, yet it seems she always had a focus on what she needed to do to be successful. I’m reading the part about the debate club now and how she had to push herself to be more comfortable with public speaking. As a teacher in an urban school with a large Spanish speaking populations, I can relate to her as a student who could speak Spanish but who didn’t have the formal language training. I’m anxious to continue.

  3. My Beloved World is truly wonderful — heart-warming and inspiring. I listened to it on audio. Chita Rivera is the narrator and she is excellent. Justice Sotomayor read the introduction. I wish she had read the entire book! The book takes you up to her first appointment as a judge. I was happy to read a memoir which didn’t address the challenges faced by any judge. I am hoping that Justice Sotomayor as well as Justice Elena Kagan will reach out to soon-to-be confirmed Amy Barrett and hopefully provide a way to help her moderate her extreme positions.

    1. I am enjoying Justice Sotomayor’s story. I usually prefer to read fiction but as someone who grew up in New York, attended parochial school for a minute, with the Sisters of Charity, this memoir resonates. I am trying hard not to read ahead and unintentional discuss “spoilers” for other readers. I have an ebook and an audiobook from the library. When I am cooking or doing housework I listen. I don’t know how receptive Judge Barrett will be to influencers given her unique selection, the opposition and her affiliations.

    2. I too would like to see and know that the two other female justices reach out to welcome ACB just as I think Justice Ginsburg would have done. This would be a way to honor Justice Ginsburg.
      I believe these three current women can learn so much from each other as people. Each one represents what is right and just in our country.

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