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Online dating for Senior Men

If you are a single senior male, there is a good chance you are dating online. Today, it’s the best way to meet a woman. Dating online lets you know immediately who’s single and looking. That’s half the battle of dating: finding someone who is looking for the same thing you are. You’ll want to put your best foot forward and make each meet count.

Here are some tips to meet the women you want to meet and to have them want to see you again!

  • Your online profile should be no more than three paragraphs long and should not mention anything about previous relationships. Your profile should paint picture of you in words, not a laundry list of what you do or don’t want in a woman. Make a story of your profile. If you play golf, instead of saying “I like golf”, you might say: “Even on the coldest days, you’ll find me out on the Brookside Golf Course chasing that little white ball around…for better or for worse.”
  • After a “Hello” email or two, don’t be afraid to ask that someone to meet. Something like: “I’d love to meet you for coffee or a drink. What day this week are you available? Where would you like to meet.” Best not to get into a phone conversation before the meet. It is better to meet her in person before getting into conversation.
  • The woman always picks the place to meet and you always pick up the check…always. No splitting. I suggest you don’t make it lunch or dinner on a first meet. A coffee meet should be about a 45 minute long. Drink meets should be about an hour and a half long. Doing this does two things: It will help you to keep expenses down if you’re meeting a lot of ladies. It cuts to the chase if there are no sparks between you.
  • Do not tell her your life history about your past romantic relationships on a first meet. This is not the time for that. Find out what she likes in movies, books, museums, hiking , etc. Ask her what kind of kid she was or about her sibling and parents, but do not ask her about romantic relationships. Save that for the next meet …Should there be one…
  • Intimacies: Just like there is no 3 day rule about calling a woman, there is not a 3 day rule about sex on the third date. When a woman trusts you enough to take her clothes off, she will let you know. It’s her call, so don’t expect it just because you’ve taken her to dinner a few times.
  • There are a few things that turn woman off right away;  a major one is nose or ear hair. There is nothing worse than having to look and talk to someone who has not taken care of his personal hygiene in this area. Also, many woman don’t care for mustaches. Clean shaven always wins.
  • Age: Please do not ask a woman her “age”. It’s all about the person sitting in front of you. You either like her or you don’t. If you don’t like her on a first meet, don’t ask to see her again because you won’t like her on the second meet either. Move on to find someone you want to be with because you like them and not because you are lonely.
  • If you don’t want to see the women you meet again, be a gentlemen and send her an email within 24 hours. Something that says: It was fun meeting you and learning about you. You are a lovely woman, but not what I’m looking for. Good luck to you.” It is better to do this than to keep them wondering if you are going to contact them again.
  • If you do like the woman call her within a day of meeting and make a date with her for lunch, dinner or a museum. Love is out there waiting for you. Go get it!

Gail Karpus is a former Beverly Hills matchmaker with over 500 meets of her own, and the author of  Fast Track To Romance, an exclusive online dating guide for the mature woman, available on Amazon $15.00. Learn more here.



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  1. Excellent article. I just hope more men read it … nose/ear hair especially!!!! One tiny omission, apart from clean and fresh I do luuuurve a delicate (very delicate, mind) fragrance when I exchange an air kiss on hello or goodbye. I have been known to compliment passing males in shops, and their female companions have never minded!

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