Author: Linda Abbit

Monday, April 23

Apps to Help our Planet

Tuesday, November 28

Cool Tech Gifts for the Holiday

Monday, October 30

The Village Model: A Neighborly Way to Age in Place

The “village” movement makes aging in place less isolated and more workable—and it’s growing across the US.

Monday, October 16

Senior House Sharing Is on the Rise

Remember the Golden Girls? Now you can use an online matching service for to find a housemate.

Wednesday, August 9

How to View the 2017 Eclipse From Anywhere

The eclipse on August 21 is the first transcontinental total eclipse of the internet age. Here’s why that matters.

Tuesday, July 18

Send Me SFMOMA: Fine Art in the Palm of Your Hand

A new tool from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art adds fun and surprise to your texting experience.

Monday, July 10

Masako Wakamiya: Not Your Typical App Developer

She found her wings after retiring when she taught herself how to use a computer. Now 81, she’s created an app to help other seniors fly.

Thursday, April 20

14 of the Best Quotes About Aging

David Bowie, Maggie Kuhn, Warren Buffet, Frank Lloyd Wright… See who said what.

Friday, March 31

Vintage Tech Sounds

The Time Lady, the test pattern sound, dial-up internet… Listen to the sounds of old-school technologies. Do you miss any of them?

Tuesday, March 28

Students Are Redesigning Long Life

At the Stanford Design Challenge, young designers have invented products that meet the real needs of older people. Which is the winner?