Author: Linda Abbit

Tuesday, December 27

Aging with Attitude: Queen of Swing Norma Miller

Norma Miller has been a swing dancer for just about as long as swing has been a dance. At 97, she’s busy keeping Lindy alive.

Thursday, September 15

The Legacy Film Festival on Aging

Could this San Francisco film festival convince Hollywood there’s a market for films about aging and older people?

Monday, August 29

Marna Clarke Shares Time as She Knows It

In “Time As We Know It,” a photographer and her partner explore the truths of their aging bodies.

Wednesday, August 17

Why Friendship Changes As We Age

Is the number of people you count as friends shrinking? And is that just a normal part of aging?

Tuesday, July 26

Julia Cameron: How to Get Creative in Later Life

In her new book, the best-selling author of “The Artist’s Way” says we can be truly imaginative in our later lives.

Tuesday, May 31

A Day in the Digital Life of Joe Isaac

He’s spent the past 20 years of his retirement volunteering as his town’s senior-tech guru.

Saturday, May 21

Summer Camps for Adults—Yes, Older Ones, Too

From cooking or band camp to unplugged creativity and outdoorsy fun, these experiences are all about the communal life.

Tuesday, May 3

Seniors Traveling Solo: Some Great Solutions

Traveling alone needn’t be intimidating. In fact, it can be a great way to make new connections, possibly for a lifetime.

Sunday, March 6

Urban Cohousing the Babayaga Way

A group of older women have built their own innovative senior housing project: self-governed, affordable and engaged with the city.

Wednesday, February 3

Who’s an Old Bag Now?

Two cheeky artists, sick of youthcentric consumerism, are turning the phrase “old bag” on its head.

Tuesday, September 29

The Mythical World of Eyes as Big as Plates

A pair of artists are traveling the world, collaborating with seniors on a project that’s rooted in folklore.

Wednesday, August 5

Playgrounds for Seniors Coming Your Way

Who needs gyms? A new trend in fitness has people who are way past childhood working out – or just hanging out – in playgrounds designed especially for seniors.

Tuesday, June 9

Makeup for Older Women: The Best Video Tutorials

These online video tutorials show women how to change techniques and products without trying to “look younger.”

Friday, May 1

You Know You’re a Geriatrician When…

Geriatricians wear lots of hats – including “tweep.” See how the profession defines itself in this funny and warm-hearted Twitter stream.

Tuesday, April 21

Julie Kertesz, Reinvention Queen

Chemist-turned-computer-scientist Julie Kertesz retired at 60 to become a photographer and, at 77, a stand-up-comic. Her mantra: Keep playing.