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Open Thread Update: Your Fave Spooky Movies

The Spooky Movie thread was so popular we extended it for a second update.

Leave it to Reader John to remind us of a movie that could have been voted Movie Of the Year by the American Bathtub Association!

Come on kids! Who can forget the classic movie that kept us away from showers? The freaky Alfred Hitchcock film – Psycho.


Boy, those violins!

And Sue adds her vote for a Golden Oldie and a scary remake of a  horror classic.

Carrie and recent version of The Body Snatchers

Boy they don’t make trailers like that anymore.

Check the comments for the newest suggestions from LorettaSharona21 – who must have a strong stomach because I couldn’t even look at a still from the trailer – and Annerys.  All great picks for a post-Halloween gorefest.  And feel free to add your own late entries! 


As might be expected, the classics were the most popular with three flicks contending for the top spot – The Exorcist , Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Night of the Living Dead..

The Exorcist…When I got home, I had to walk up to the sixth floor of my tenement apartment. As I ascended the stairs, I got increasingly scared, expecting something to jump out at me.

J. Anthony

Night of the Living Dead…still at the top of my list.



Another popular pick was Get Out by Jordan Peele favored by Ellen and Loretta C. – who writes horror stories, so she should know.

If anyone wants to learn more about Loretta’s horror short stories, take a look at the profile Senior Planet did of her a while ago. Check it out here.

And kudos to Frederick who kindly included the trailer.


The Haunting

Reader Gerry Veede along with Suzanne Z. and Corinne casts a vote for another classic…

The Haunting is wonderfully scary because you never see who/what is watching them & causing the things to happen. I used to show it in my “Classic Horror Film Class”

-Gerry V

There were a couple of underappreciated classics- David B suggested the (original) Wicker Man with a series of shocks that builds to a truly terrifying climax that he summed up in one word.


When it comes to scarefests, Reader Peggy has a confession to make.

When I was young I saw Night of the Living Dead and Day of the Triffids, both in black and white … made me sleep under the bed for weeks!


The most  interesting candidate is from Harry R.

Pet Semetary is one I didn’t finish and won’t.

Harry R.


I feel ya, Harry, I got nightmares from the book.

There are literally dozens of ideas for a Halloween spookathon so take a spin through the comments and add your own!



When I was a kid, I stopped sleeping on my stomach  because of a movie called “The Tingler.” The idea of a creepy, big insect type thing that could attack my spine weirded me out for years.

Hey, I was 4!

I also slept with a scarf around my neck for years because of Dracula.

Spooky Halloween Thrills

Happily, when I grew up, I appreciated the entertainment – and especially escapist – value of a scary movie.

Romance, crime, and other genres are OK, but not really escapist to me. I’ve had romances and I’ve been a crime victim (and could be again if I’m not lucky).

However, I know for sure I will never be stuck inside a demonic spaceship (Event Horizon), or trapped in an Arctic outpost with a shape-shifting monster (The Thing), or on a planet facing an implacable, seemingly invulnerable monster…who likes me (The Alien franchise), or on a marine salvage mission into the unknown (Ghost Ship).

The all-time winners

To me the very scariest movies are the supernatural ones that could, somehow, be real.  The Exorcist is the all time winner in this category – along with the American version of The Ring, which I think is the scariest movie of all time. I will not see it again. (I moved my TV out of my bedroom for a while after I watched it.)

One horror movie I will happily see again (despite the slash and gash aspects, which I don’t enjoy), is Cabin in the Woods. It’s a clever, well-made scarefest that takes on all the horror movie tropes with style and wit.

Your Turn

But that’s me.  How about you? What are your fave scary movies – the ones you’ll see again and again? Or the ones where once was enough? Share your picks in the comments!

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46 responses to “Open Thread Update: Your Fave Spooky Movies

  1. Shyamalan is very good with Signs and The Sixth Sense.
    But the scariest scene I’ve ever watched in any film was the basement scene in Zodiac. Something about dark basements and the unknown – just terrifies me. Watch it!

    1. Zodiac was creepy and scary on a whole new level because it was real. And that basement scene had me jumping out of my skin. And every one of Zodiac’s attacks were horrible but the one in the park was especially awful.

  2. HOCUS POCUS !!!The film about Sanderson Sisters. Taking place in Salem, Massachusetts, the sinister trio are resurrected on Halloween night after high school student Max wants to prove to his younger sister Dani and friend/love interest Alison that the tales about the witches aren’t true. Well, that was a big mistake as they did exist, and he accidentally summons them. Now, they’re trying to steal the lives of the children of Salem before sunrise to become immortal.

  3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre … saw the movie at a “drive-in theatre” at 19! Remember those, my friends! Went to see the movie with a good friend and ended up actually slapping her arm when she screamed (because I was instantly scared too)! We laughed for weeks afterwards ….

  4. The Exorcist is, without a doubt, my candidate for the scariest movie ever. After watching it in high school, I remember leaving the theater and hearing many folks talking about how scared they were.

    When I got home, I had to walk up to the sixth floor of my tenement apartment. As I ascended the stairs, I got increasingly scared, expecting something to jump out at me.

      1. The Haunting is wonderfully scary because you never see who/what is watching them & causing the things to happen. I used to show it in my “Classic Horror Film Class”

    1. Great pick, Ron! Another vote for the old black and white horror genre which Carnival was a part of! However, I would classify it as very odd and spooky at the same time. European movies always had a different take on certain themes.

  5. That’s a hard one. There are so many horror movies that I love. Frankly, I write horror short stories, so I watch a lot of horror movies. My all time favorite is Alien. After that, there are what I call the big five, The Changeling (with George C. Scott), The Others, Shikoku, The Orphanage, and The Woman in Black (both versions are good). Who can forget An American Werewolf in London? Of course, it goes without saying that Jordan Peele is a genius. I never knew horror could be visceral. Wow.

  6. Very clever article and very relatable! When I was a very little girl, in the comic book Dick Tracy, Sparkle Plenty, the young daughter of D.T.’s.friends, was getting sicker and sicker and nobody could figure out why. It turned out that some villain put a poisonous bug in her hair and poison was coursing through her system. It was eventually discovered and Sparkle made a full recovery. However, I was so traumatized for a while that if I felt any tingle in on my scalp, I’d run and check for bugs.

  7. The Thing (From Outer Space). This is the original with Jim Arness as the Alien. His first pix, I think. Great black and white with naturalistic overlapping dialogue. I didn’t sleep for a week!

    1. Absolutely agree! Just watched it for the umpteenth time last week. The suspense is “edge of your chair” level! And having it happen in a remote, arctic scientific outpost with limited communications provides the perfect scenario for something not of this world to happen. There’s a newer version of this movie, but doesn’t have the same shock level as the original.

  8. My favorite horror films are foreign: Kuroneko (trans: Black Cat) Japanese; The Uninvited and Curse of the Demon (British). Kuroneko begins in feudal Japan: a would-be samurai is leaving his wife and daughter to find his fortune. After many successful battles, he is bound home and stops in a remote castle…
    The Uninvited is equally atmospheric, set in the Welsh coastline. Demon…is closely based on runic occult beliefs and has a villain modeled after the notorious Aleister Crowley.

  9. The scary movies I won’t watch again are the Stephen Kings. IT, Carrie, Kujo are the ones I can remember now. Then again, I never got into the scary movie series like Freddy Kruger and Halloween. A favorite of mine is My Bloody Valentine – not sure it had much of a following.

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