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Online Dating 101

You’re ready to try online dating, or maybe you already have with limited success. Let’s increase your chances of meeting your match – or at least having enjoyable dates! Dive into dating with these online dating tips.

Writing Your Profile

Aim to attract the right people, not the most people. What makes you unique and appealing? What sets you apart from the gazillions of other profiles your potential dates are viewing? Don’t be shy about your fine qualities. Avoid trite words such as “honest,” “caring,” “walks on the beach” that make you sound like everyone else.

Include interests and activities that will help you match with the right person. If you love to travel and would welcome a partner on your next adventure, for example, or if you volunteer at an animal shelter and seek fellow animal lovers, include these interests, and describe some experiences. If you enjoy knitting, watching TV, or babysitting your adorable grandchildren, no, these won’t attract a date.

What are you looking for?

Specify the attributes you seek — and those you absolutely do not want — in a positive way. “Seeking a physically active nonsmoker who enjoys discussing books” works better than “No couch potatoes, smokers, or non-readers.” Include extra qualities that would add to your date’s appeal, like “bonus points if you drive at night and like to cook.” Keep your style warm and inviting.

Choosing a Photo

Use a current photo that shows you smiling and authentic. No selfies — ask a friend to take it. Think “I’m so glad to see you!” while the photo is taken. No sunglasses, floppy hats, or shadows that obscure your face. Never use a photo where you’ve cropped out your ex and a disembodied hand flops on your shoulder. Yes, I’ve seen this.

First Date

If you click with someone, plan an in-person meeting soon. Remember that a first date is not an audition for the rest of your life — it’s only an audition for a second date. If the date goes badly, the worst dates make the best stories for your friends.

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