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December 10, 2014

The Sun City Poms (Not Your Typical Cheerleaders)

Pom poms! Dance routines! Acrobatics! Sequins and fringes and pop music and lots of baton-twirling. The Sun City Poms cheerleading squad has all of this – and more. These women…

January 15, 2015

On the Intensity of Older Athletes

…Tennessee. I remember Helen really well because she explained she did not dance because of her religion. So she found this other way to move and express herself. She looks…

February 14, 2020

Introducing the Senior Planet Sponsored Athletes

…how the art of dance inspires each of us to feel good and look even better. Liliana Cortez is a self-care practitioner who inspires her friends and family with digital…

04/27/2019 | 12:00pm6:00pm

Japan meets Brooklyn

…music, traditional dance, crafts, a tea ceremony, and of course, food and a marketplace. Check out the schedule for Saturday here. Due to construction limiting access to all of the…

February 3, 2017

Watch this Powerful Video: “All That We Share”

…loves to dance? Who feels lonely? Age is not one of the video’s defining boxes, but the concept translates: Whatever our age, we have as much or more in common…

September 26, 2013

Normal Memory Loss or Signs of Trouble?

…keep up with the business demands, stopped drinking and rejoined a dance class I gave up years ago. I’m exercising, sleeping better and managing my stress.” Her thinking was clearer…

December 2, 2016

The Joys of a Live Performance You Can Actually Hear

…were sponsored by the Theater Development Fund (TDF), a nonprofit organization based in New York City that’s been working since 1968 to open up theater and dance to more diverse…

September 8, 2015

Aging Rockers Streep and Pacino Finally Face the Music

…sleazy half-filled bars while an enthusiastic bunch of gray-haired fans dance and sing along. Ricki represents aging musicians all over the country who never gave up despite never having made…

April 16, 2014

Happy in the Seniorhood

…videos.)     You don’t have to be a great dancer. You don’t even have to be on your feet. Just get happy. Send us your video! See the official…

June 6, 2013

Green Gym Day: Your Park Is Your Health Club

…Terrace 12:30 Zombie Tag, Cloister Lawn 11:00-2:00 Ping pong (with free paddles and balls), Subway Terrace 2:00 Bring your own picnic, anywhere in the park 3:00 Flamenco dance demo and…

January 4, 2016

11 Seniors Who Made Our Year

…and his girlfriends got younger and younger. It’s so annoying.” The Dancers of Uptown Funk Style meets swagger in the “oldtown cover” of Uptown Funk, which in February clocked up…

October 24, 2014

The Ultimate Cataract Surgery Mixtape

…recover quickly. But you can still laugh and dance (and sleep and nap) while you’re out of focus.“ And so I will….With a Little Help From My Friends. Roz Warren…

February 3, 2015

Should You Give Up on Online Dating?

…social activities that we enjoy is splendid – that’s how I met the love of my life, my second husband, who literally danced into my life by attending the line-dance

July 18, 2017

Send Me SFMOMA: Fine Art in the Palm of Your Hand

…with a personal passion: dance. Send me SFMOMA sent me back the same dud message twice in a row. But I persevered . . . and when I texted “Send…

October 8, 2013

Too Much Old Stuff: How to Bust the Clutter

…course of that work, she has come across everything from sex toys and firearms to marijuana brownies! One of Getzkin’s cutest finds was a dance card belonging to a client’s…