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Snehlata, 69: “I feel connected again”

Meet Snehlata, a member of our Connected NYCHA program! You can learn more about this initiative here.

Have you ever used a tablet before?


What did receiving this tablet mean to you?

This tablet is making me a new person! I was living by myself. I was disconnected from the world and lonely. But now with this tablet I’ve learned so many things and it has made me so happy and busy! I feel connected again.

What do you like about the tablet?

I can talk to friends and look up anything I want on Google! I was looking up what foods are good for people with arthritis and learned a lot. And now I can check train schedule ahead of time and send friends and family emails.

Imagine– every answer to every question you have is on Google. And every song! Even if you’re home alone, you can dance to the music! It’s fun and you get your exercise too.

What Senior Planet offerings are you enjoying?

I’ve been doing the morning stretch every day.

Any words of advice for other people in the program?

Don’t be nervous! Once you learn one step, you’ll be excited to learn the next step. If you don’t understand the first time you ask a question, ask again. The teachers are patient and very helpful!

Have a question about membership in the Connected NYCHA program? Contact our Membership Manager by emailing or calling 917-863-4658.