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Cathy, 67: “I Have Pivoted”

Meet Cathy, a member of our Connected NYCHA program! You can learn more about this initiative here.

Have you used a tablet before?

I had a tablet a long time ago. I didn’t use it that much though. 

What did receiving this tablet mean to you?

First, it opened up a different atmosphere of being able to see people on the screen while you’re talking with them. I shied away from stuff like that with my old tablet since it was antiquated and small and I had developed a vision impairment so I wasn’t able to use it fully. With this tablet, the screen is bigger and I can actually do classes on Zoom. It opened me up to a new world! I have pivoted.

What do you like about your new device?

It’s quite simple, still there is still a lot to learn. Each tablet is different but the pictures are wonderful. It’s not just shooting a picture anymore, there are things to look for that will help you have a better, clearer picture.  

I’ve learned how to do attachments in email, being able to send pictures to your family right away instead of having to print and mail and pay for all that postage. It’s really a great tool – you can look up information. And again, the size is great because I’m visually impaired.

What Senior Planet offerings have you participated in?

I did some of the morning stretch classes. I did the spotify for the tablet so now I can hear the songs I like! I have a playlist. Before I had the radio or the CDs. Prior to the class I didn’t know Spotify even existed! I tried the dance party – that was interesting and fun but I said oh my goodness – I’m glad we’re not in public, it was fun to try.

Any words of advice?

I would say in the words of Annerys: “practice, practice, practice.” Don’t be afraid if you make a mistake. Look for things that you like and once you’re comfortable with that you can try more. Don’t sit idle. Even if you think you know about it, there is always more you learn.

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