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Thomas Kamber

A Holiday Message from Tom Kamber

Season’s Greetings from Senior Planet! When 2018 began, we thought it would be impossible to match the great success we achieved in the previous year.  But we’re happy to say that we proved ourselves wrong in the best possible way!  2018 was the most successful year ever at Senior Planet. This year, we celebrated “aging…

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The Fiscal Cliff: Don’t Blame Seniors

With the infamous “fiscal cliff” approaching, people are blaming seniors disproportionately for the impending crisis. In fact, seniors are one of the least advantaged groups in this country when it comes to public and private benefits.

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What’s So Bad About the Name “Senior”?

You would think that by the time we reach the age of 60, we’d have figured out what to call ourselves. But whether it’s “senior citizens,” “older adults,” “elders,” or just plain “old people,” no one seems to agree on a term.

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