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June 18, 2014

Health-Tracking Apps: Godsend – Or Not So Much?

…Their study was presented at a symposium on human factors and ergonomics in health care. Meanwhile plans by Google, Apple and Samsung to let us sync health data from several…

November 22, 2017

New eTools, locations for Kiosks

health and wellness. The Kiosks, an initiative of Greater Lynn Senior Services (GLSS) in Massachusetts, offer people the chance to use large touch-screen programs that entertain while promoting health learning….

October 10, 2013

Meditate – For the Health Of It

…Greeson, PhD, a clinical health psychologist at Duke University who researches meditation and practices it. “And of course mental and physical health are intertwined.” “As people age, even if they…

July 19, 2013

Healthy State Sick State: A New Report Rates the 52 for Healthy Life Expectancy

…and healthy living environments Healthy behaviors, such as exercise Saying no to tobacco Preventative health measures: cancer screenings, blood pressure checks, etc. Access to good quality health care Or you…

07/30/2019 | 3:00pm4:00pm

@ The Center: Mobile Health Apps Lecture

Did you know that your smartphone is also a powerful health tool? You’ll learn about using the app’s step counter, as well as integrating information from other popular health and…

June 5, 2019

Top tips to better eye health

…damage or disease. Your eye care professional is the only one who can determine if your eyes are healthy and if you’re seeing your best. Know your family’s eye health

January 18, 2019

A Healthier Mind and Body

…as demanding as a nagging pain, our health includes four other aspects that need attention: our emotional health, our psychological well being, our relationship to our surroundings (our home and…

August 17, 2016

Why Friendship Changes As We Age

…with friends — but not necessarily with family — are vital to our physical health, too, with loneliness linked to reduced life expectancy and a host of health issues. But…

February 14, 2013

Is More Calcium Worse for Your Health?

…studies suggest that supplements may contribute to calcium deposits that harden and clog arteries. But a just-published analysis of data from the Women’s Health Initiative (a randomized clinical trial among…

05/10/2019 | 1:15pm2:15pm

@ The Center: Online Health Resources Lecture

The internet can be an excellent source for learning more about your or a loved one’s health. This presentation will introduce you to the topics and tools offered on two…

March 24, 2016

Medicare Ratings of Medicare Advantage Plans Are a Farce

…Medicare health plan, consider: Four key things when choosing between traditional Medicare and a Medicare Advantage plan Four tips for keeping your health plan costs down Five programs that lower…

October 16, 2012

Research: Carbs and Sugar Linked to Brain Decline

…be bad for you because carbohydrates impact your glucose and insulin metabolism. Sugar fuels the brain—so moderate intake is good. However, high levels of sugar may actually prevent the brain

February 4, 2013

Can Better ZZZs Lead to Better Name Recall?

…”the sleep disruption is a better predictor of memory problems,” he found. Mander measured the brain activity of 18 healthy young adults, mostly in their 20’s, and 15 healthy older…

April 27, 2017

The Problem with Hearing Aids—and the Solutions

…cognitive health. Studies have associated being hard of hearing with poor general health, mood disorders—even shorter lifespan. Hearing Loss and the Brain In a study that tracked 639 adults for…

May 13, 2013

The Easy Way to a Mediterranean Diet

…type 2 diabetes. And the evidence was so strong that the trial was cut short after less than five years. Brain health Then in April, a study of mentally healthy…