In celebration of World Photography Week, August 14 – 18, Senior Planet is hosting a series of free virtual events, including photography-focused classes, a Photography Showcase highlighting the photos of users from the Senior Planet Community group Fun with Photography, and the announcement of the Instagram Photo Challenge winner! 

Featured Event: Photography Showcase with SPC

Thursday, August 17 @ 3:00pm EDT

This visual art show will highlight the photo skills and work of older adults from the “Fun with Photography” group on Senior Planet Community! Learn More

Upcoming Events

Tue, October 17 EDT
3:00PM EDT / 2:00PM CDT / 1:00PM MDT / 12:00PM PDT

Intro to Photo Editing Tools


Can you photoshop that? Come learn the possibilities with photo editing tools!
Thu, November 2 EDT
12:00PM EDT / 11:00AM CDT / 10:00AM MDT / 9:00AM PDT

Instagram Basics


This lecture offers an overview of some of Instagram's more popular features and will give you a taste for what all the fuss is about.
Fri, November 3 EDT
12:30PM EDT / 11:30AM CDT / 10:30AM MDT / 9:30AM PDT

Smartphone Photography


Come to this lecture to explore your smartphone's camera and some features like recording video, adding filters to pictures, and using your camera's timer!

Connect with Fellow Photographers on Senior Planet Community

Sign up for our ad-free social platform designed by and for older adults. Join the “Fun with Photography” group (now with over 700 members!) to share and discuss your favorite photos.

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