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10-Week Course

Beyond The Basics – CO

This 10-week, app-based course expands on the concepts and skills taught in Basics and Essentials courses and explores the internet and applications as everyday resources.
10-Week Course

Computer Basics – CO

In this 10-week, PC-based course, you will learn the basics of how to operate a computer and navigate the internet in ways that can enrich your life.
5-Week Course

Computer Essentials- CO

This 5-week course covers the essentials of how to use the basic functions of a personal computer
5-Week Program Series

Entertainment – CO

Come learn about streaming services and other digital tools to keep you entertained for hours.
5-Week Program Series

Exploring Social Media- CO

You’ll learn about the most popular social media platforms and have the opportunity to sign up for the platforms you’re interested in
5-Week Course

Free Your Photos- CO

Come to this 5-week course with the digital photos you want to back-up, share, and print!
5-Week Course

Intro to Digital Culture- CO

From communicating with others to staying healthy, digital tools and technologies affect much of our lives.
10-Week Course

iPad Basics – CO

In this 10-week course, you’ll learn the basics of how to operate the Apple iPad.
5-Week Program Series

Online Basics – CO

New to the virtual world? We’ve got you covered!
5 Weeks

Smartphone Photography- CO

This course explores the basics of using your smartphone’s digital camera. This course also introduces some fundamental photography principles about composition and lighting.
5-Week Program Series

Tech Tips For Saving Money – CO

Curious about how tech can save you money?