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Wellness Wednesday – Lunch & Learn

Date & Time

Wednesday August 2, 2023
1:30PM EDT / 12:30PM CDT / 11:30AM MDT / 10:30AM PDT




Join this Wellness Wednesday group to discuss the different ways you can improve your physical, mental, and social well-being.

This week’s topic: 20,000 Breaths

We take 20,000 breaths every 24 hours and we’re not aware of most of them. Mindfulness is about paying attention. Join Senior Planet trainer Pat Whitty to learn how you can take just 1-2 minutes a day to pay attention to those life-giving breaths. Bring yourself into the present moment to quiet the noise in your mind and reduce stress and anxiety.

At 81 years old, Pat Whitty is a Certified Health Coach who launched a Life Transition Coaching business to help people achieve health and happiness in midlife and beyond.  He empowers older adults to embrace what he calls “the joy of aging” and take charge of their lives. Pat will be a certified mindfulness and meditation teacher by the end of September.


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