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January 28, 2014

WATCH: Artist Judy Chicago Talks to Her Younger Self

  Some 40 years after she delivered a feminist lecture at Pomona College in 1970, artist Judy Chicago – who would become famous for her seminal ’79 work “The…

September 17, 2018

Back to School: It’s Never Too Late for Online Learning

…far. TED Ed TED Ed – the education arm of the well known TED Talks – offers many great video courses. The site allows anyone to create a course around…

September 21, 2014

Teen invents life-changing Alzheimer’s device – and more from the week online

…News report below and also check out theShinozuka’s Google Science Fair presentation on YouTube, where he talks about the first time his invention alerted the family to his grandfather’s wandering….

03/05/2019 | 7:00pm

Book Talk: The Volunteer

National Book Award finalist Salvatore Scibona talks with New Yorker staff writer Joan Acocella about his new novel, The Volunteer. This is an epic story of a restless young man…

April 16, 2016

On the Road with Female Nomad Rita Golden Gelman

“I’ll talk to anyone who talks to me. It’s a lot less dangerous if you’re older…. I trust people all the time. Someday I may trust a serial killer, but…

09/20/2019 | 10:00am5:00pm

Financial Advice Day

There’s a full day of financial advice waiting for you here. A variety of experts offer free 30 minute private sessions, talks about investing and finance, demonstrations on how to…

October 26, 2015

American Revolutionary: Grace Lee Boggs

…and what did you learn? Toward the end of the film Grace talks a lot about aging, and in the last two or three years of her life she talks

August 10, 2017

WATCH: Ashton Applewhite at TED17

They’d already listened to more than 80 talks over four days—talks that in various ways offered big, inspiring ideas in response to the theme “The Future You.” But at the…

October 15, 2013

WATCH: Jane Fonda on Life’s Third Act

…this video, talks about how by redefining your relationship with your past, you can reshape your relationship to yourself going forward – especially as an older woman; a member of…

October 4, 2013

Explore NYC: Open House New York Weekend

…are it’s on the list of the OHNY Weekend’s sites. In addition, there are many tours and talks with architects, designers and historians. Due to the popularity of OHNY Weekend,…

September 24, 2013

WATCH: Milton Glaser Reflects on Creativity

…Glaser talks about beauty, the genesis of the creative spark, and the possibility of creating life with a pencil and a brown paper bag. He discusses his life of design…

October 22, 2013

WATCH: Senior Style – a Conversation about Spirit

…Coach create campaigns around senior women. In this video, he talks about why, as a young photographer from San Diego, he decided to take pictures of old ladies on the…

December 12, 2014

Nominating “Derek” for the Dreck Award

…smelly, sex-obsessed, talks constantly about his private parts and exhibits behavior so repellent that he gets in bed naked with residents and shits in his pants. I kid you not….

June 3, 2015

Video of the Week: Diane Nyad on Her Epic Swim

…of the most treacherous and challenging bodies of water on the planet. A great storyteller as well as an epic swimmer, in this TED Talks video Nyad talks about the…

May 10, 2015

The oldest prom date ever, passwords you can swallow – and more from the week online

…muss or fuss. Of course, there are drawbacks! To read more, click here. Morgan Freeman talks about his new movie and marijuana Actor Morgan Freeman did his bit to promote…