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PBS NewsHour: “For These Seniors, Entrepreneurial Ambition Is Far From Retiring”

You’re probably familiar with Senior Planet’s signature three-word slogan “Aging With Attitude.” Three other words you may NOT have associated with Senior Planet until now are Public Broadcasting System.

The groundbreaking technology center’s flagship New York City location was the focus of a recent news segment on PBS focusing on the benefits of senior entrepreneurship. Click HERE to watch the segment!

Pegged to the first-ever fashion show featuring original designs by Senior Planet members, such as Carlos Lewis and Martinu Schneegass, the news item included wonderful shots of our members modelling their works full of joy and energy.

CEO Tom Kamber was on hand, resplendent in a tuxedo jacket bursting with bling, to talk about the mission of Senior Planet. He noted how vital it is for older adults to be “activated, have a purpose and be creative in their later years.”

Aaron Santis, the Program Director at Senior Planet Chelsea, said “our members were thrilled to be able to strut their stuff and show their talent; it was our own version of Fashion Week!”

These amazingly entrepreneurial members are perfect examples of “Aging with Attitude!” Member Cheryl Thompson put it best in the segment: “I’m still perpendicular, I still have my health and I’m just constantly on the go. Doing, doing doing… And Senior Planet has become my extended family.”

Missed it?  Click HERE to watch the full PBS NewsHour piece!