Zoom Security Update

We’re all dependent on Zoom these pandemic days–for our social lives, family visits, clubs, business meetings, community meetings and just about everything else.

One reason Zoom took over the video chat app field so fast is that it’s so easy—one click and you’re in.  But that ease of use comes (or did until recently) with a downside—one click and anyone else– like a hacker or disrupter—is also in.     If you haven’t heard of Zoom bombing, it IS a thing.   All kinds of intruders have spied on and disrupted Zoom meetings.   A lot of schools and medical facilities have stopped using Zoom for that reason and moved to other platforms for meetings where privacy is key.

Zoom had so many security problems that The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) went after them for security breaches.  Zoom recently agreed to remedy them, but holes and glitches remain.

Most of us are safe on Zoom since we’re not sharing state secrets or our bank accounts, but it’s a good idea in any case to make sure your Zoom security is up to snuff.

Top safety tips for Zoom:

  • Use two step verification for your account. Here’s how to set up 2FA for Zoom.
  • Don’t fall for fake Zoom apps. Scammers use phony web addresses to get access to your computer.   Only download from ZOOM us.  Check URLs for phony addresses that look similar, like
  • Don’t post Zoom links on social media. This is an invitation to Zoom bombers to crash your meeting.
  • If you’re running a meeting and want to make sure no one is crashing, enable the waiting room feature so no one can get in without you admitting them. That way no one can get in without you admitting them. Also enable the password feature.  You can choose one or the other, but Zoom now requires that you enable at least one of them.
  • Don’t go overboard with screen sharing especially if you keep private information on your desktop.
  • Check out these best practices. You probably won’t need most of them but you should know what they are.
  • Read this article for more great tips.






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