Younger People Today: What’s Your View?

We recently published a piece about older and younger readers’ blog-reading preferences.  Older readers, according to a study of web traffic, prefer more serious blogs that offer news and culture info and political views; younger readers like less wordy, more visual and often funnier blogs.

In response to our writer’s suggestion that, even as older people, we might enjoy reading some of the younger bloggers, we received this response from one of our readers. It’s a big statement and one that we think could open up a conversation on Senior Planet.

“Born when FDR was president, which makes me a “senior citizen,” I cannot stand the silly garbage coming from bloggers under 30-years. They have no experience of Vietnam, Korea, World War II, or the Cold War. They’ve never had to “lock-and-load” for their freedom of speech. Everything’s taken for granted, like we, their parents and grandparents, got it for free, like air and water. No, we had to “work” for what they have today. Education in the 50′s and 60′s was hard work. You had to know how to spell, learn the “times-tables,” know where food comes from – the family farm. We respected our elders, or got our butts kicked. Bob Dylan was a poet, not a counter-revolutionary, although he didn’t know it at the time. Hanoi Jane Fonda was and is a traitor. Social Media has made silly fools running amok worldwide.”

What’s your view? We’re sure you have one; please share it in the comments box below. This is a community; let’s have a conversation!


3 responses to “Younger People Today: What’s Your View?

  1. Hello,
    My name is Tiffany Spearman. I am a 27 yr old black female living in NYC.With all do respect to the men and women that helped lead the country to where it is today I think although you have a point views like this are stifling to the growth of our humanity because it shuts ideas and other truths out. We live in a different sort of reality today(largely do to art and technology that has greatly influenced how we think and behave) that also must be portrayed and seen and experienced and that can only happen when people share. Not everyone has to agree and some peoples pursuits and expressions may be trivial to others but everyone counts and should enjoy the freedom of expression that was fought for. True social media has busted the barriers wide open, now everyone has a chance at being seen and heard. Regardless of education they can still portray a reality based on their own life experiences. Even if people are sometimes incorrect or don’t know where what they have comes from the exercise of these tools that we have today such as social media may eventually strengthen us as a society.

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