What Do You Want to Talk About?

With COVID-19 taking over televisions and dominating social media, there’s lots of anxiety-provoking news being shared right now. It’s hard to tune out.

There are plenty of reliable sources of information, including the CDC and WHO. But we want Senior Planet to be a place where you can find some respite from the 24-hour news cycle, from anxiety, or from the monotony of staying at home. We’re starting a new “stuck-at-home” series that will guide you to online opportunities for connection, entertainment, learning, and essential services, and we’re launching new daily “Lunch, Learn, and Zoom” series that are bringing people together over video chat. Our curriculum team is hustling to bring Senior Planet courses, Explore Tech lectures, and workshops online. Life is looking different, but it doesn’t have to be joyless.

This is a community of bright, generous, envelope-pushing people. If you’re reading this, you’re already in a great position to be able to take advantage of anything you’ve learned in Senior Planet courses or events to continue learning and connecting with others. Let’s make the best of what we have and see how far we can take what’s technologically possible to help our community get even stronger.

So we want to know: what do you want to talk about? What will make the Internet less stressful? What would help you feel closer to other Senior Planet members? Want to trade TV recommendations? Recipes? Meditation tips? YouTube clips? Leave a comment below, and we’ll do our best to bring your ideas to life. Let’s stay connected, even though we’re physically distanced.


17 responses to “What Do You Want to Talk About?

  1. I would like an online seminar like the one given last January at Senior Planet on: Estate Planning
    2:30pm | FREE VIEW EVENT
    Where there’s a will…there’s a much more organized estate.

    I tried clicking on last year’s view event link but did not get anything/info….

  2. As I look around, I can spot lots of things to do here at home. My husband is in Lima, Peru, and looks like he’s stuck there until the end of June. I’ve got several bags ready to go to the Salvation Army, and cleaning out my closets helps me to see what I have to wear that I’ve forgotten about. I love looking at old recipes, and sharing them with friends. Cleaning out the basement is a great time-user. Lining the kitchen shelves with a rubber liner is fun. Having repair men come is a great thing. I have a list of things for them. And as the warmer weather approaches, there’s lots of things to do outside.

  3. Love the idea that I can receive links to websites/podcasts/etc that can help me feel less isolated.
    Would love to find form a group of Senior men that would get to know and support each other via a weekly Zoom session.

  4. Hello Senior Planet. I just discovered this interesting website and would like to ask about submitting articles for the site. I am seeking an opportunity to share my experiences, ideas, feelings and information on various matters slanted towards senior life. As a recent widow, finding a source to make a few extra dollars is a big consideration also. Your response and advice would be very much appreciated.

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