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WATCH: What Are We Doing With the Internet?


“Fact! More than 2 billion people use the Internet.
“Fact! The Internet can be used for good or evil.
“Fact: Every day people spend $600,000 on Candy Crush
“Fact: 14 million of you follow Miley Cyrus on Twitter – on purpose
“What are we doing with the Internet, people? I think it’s time that we did something awesome.
“Every single night in the United States, nearly 600,000 people are homeless…”

Who IS this kid?

Kid President is a YouTube sensation. He is 10 years old, and his real name is Robby Novak.

Robby has had a brittle bone condition since birth – he breaks a lot of bones, but that doesn’t stop him and his ideas for changing the world. His exuberant, outspoken videos, which he makes with his older brother-in-law, have earned him a following in the millions, as well as meetings with everyone from Beyonce to President Obama.

This month, Kid President is asking all of us to think about how we use the Internet. “We want to activate 1 MILLION people to serve the homeless of their neighborhoods.”

Listen to Kid President. He’s got something to say.

See more Kid President videos by clicking here.
Follow Kid President on YouTube by clicking here.


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