WATCH: Senior Style – a Conversation about Spirit


“I was very close to my grandmother growing up, and I moved to New York about three years ago and saw amazingly dressed older women who were 70, 80 and 90 not letting their age stop them being who they were…. I wanted to present that to people because I didn’t feel that in media and in other blogs these women were being represented.”

“Style is a way to present a bigger conversation about vitality and spirit, for me.”

With his Advanced Style fashion blog, dedicated to “the sartorial savvy of the senior set,” Ari Seth Cohen has probably done more than anyone to make 20- and 30-something women less afraid of growing older, and famous fashion brands like Coach create campaigns around senior women.

In this video, he talks about why, as a young photographer from San Diego, he decided to take pictures of old ladies on the streets of New York.


One response to “WATCH: Senior Style – a Conversation about Spirit

  1. Oh I’ve got to respond to this! I live in senior housing along with other older women and love to see them, no matter the age, making the effort to “dress.” too many older women have assumed since they are old that they are invisible and no longer make the effort to “state who they are,” as is suggested here. Making the effort can give us the stregnth we need to go forward productively in our remaining years. I love that 100 year old!

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