Watch: Planet Talk Live with Senior Sexpert Joan Price

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One of the country’s leading voices on sex after 60 and a regular contributor to Senior Planet, Joan Price advises older men and women on how we can make the most of all that sex at our age has to offer. How do we turn challenges into new ways of experiencing intimacy? How can we make adjustments in our sex lives to accommodate health issues? How can we remain sexually active, even when we’re not partnered? And why is it so important to rekindle our interest in sex?

In this inspiring talk, which was recorded April 29, 2015 at the Senior Planet Exploration Center in NYC, Joan answers seven of the questions about sex that seniors most often ask her, and then responds to questions from the audience. Her overarching message: Your body is your oyster – find what works for you.

This talk was generously supported by the Macquarie Group Foundation.

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