WATCH: People Don’t Have Sell-By Dates

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Back in 2011, the British over-50 lifestyle and life insurance outfit Saga (think AARP with an English accent) launched a contest for the organization’s 60th birthday: Called “Being 50,” the contest sought short videos that challenged conceptions of aging and promoted understanding between generations.

The winner was this film by London-based commercial filmmaker Tadas Vidmantas. Its message: People don’t have sell-by dates. It’s a great message whether you’re 60-something or 30-something.

Last week, Vidmantas’s video went viral via the social site Upworthy, which specializes in finding highly emotional feel-good and get-mad videos that people will want to share.

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Watch the runners up here.


2 responses to “WATCH: People Don’t Have Sell-By Dates

  1. Bravo! If more young people were concerned about getting/being older, older age would be nicer and easier. Prepare your future – that is, if you are lucky enough to grow old!! I’m 68, a retired lawyer and college lecturer, and I’m getting a Master’s in Gerontology. I want to know more before I become old! How about that?

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