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WATCH: If You Want to Stay Healthy, Forget the Gym



In the Blue Zones are parts of the world – small towns, tiny islands  – it’s not so unusual for people to live to 100; most Blue Zoners live long and healthy lives. How? A team of National Geographic scientists has been studying the residents, looking for clues that might help the rest of us.

Here are a few things that people in the Blue Zone never do:

  • Go to the gym
  • Eat low-carb diets
  • Weight themselves
  • Take supplements

Watch the video to learn what people in the Blue Zones are doing. (How long is your dining table?)

Where are you on the scale between Blue Zone effortless and New Zone trying too hard?


3 responses to “WATCH: If You Want to Stay Healthy, Forget the Gym

  1. The article makes a lot of sense. Why is stress not mentioned? Is it that these Blue Zoners don’t experience much of it? Are they medically healthy and insured? Do they have financial security? Are these retirees? How do they support themselves? What occupations did they have and when did they stop working?The Zones seem like places where families and extended families stay together for a lifetime. They are also living in Nature for decades and it is well known that Nature heals, mentally as well as physically, so of course they don’t need a gym. What is the proportion of elderly to the rest of the population? What roles do they play and how are they seen and treated in the culture?

    You say researchers studied these people for ten years, but you are giving the reader very incomplete factual information. So much so that one can deduce very little from it, let alone try to compare and adapt it to current lifestyle of seniors in the culture of the U.S.
    Can you elaborate in future articles? A series, perhaps? The research probably covers all the points I have brought up and
    access to it could prove very helpful.

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