Watch: Diary of a (famous) Sixty-Year-Old

Award-winning Canadian writer Ian Brown (“Boy in the Moon”) was having a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that he was turning 60. What did it mean? Should he feel the way inspiration-mongers say we should — like a sexy silver fox? Or will he just feel decrepit?

Brown, an occasional contributor to This American Life, is well known in Canada for his thoughtful and witty books, television appearances and magazine and newspaper articles. As he approached 60 he began to wonder about the changes aging brings, positive and negative. He journaled the changes and thoughts day by day from age 60 to 61, and produced a book about it, called Sixty (see more here), which was more recently issued on Kindle (more here).

Here he talks about his book, about aging (both positive and negative) and aging in his life and relationships. Some of his observations: slow down and pay attention to a few details, regrets are useless and curable, and that ‘aging is a group exercise.” He advocates focusing on “what actually grabs you as opposed to what you think should grab you.”  Sounds like aging with attitude!

How does his experience compare with yours?   Let us know in the comments!

For another view of aging, check out this feature by a different author:




One response to “Watch: Diary of a (famous) Sixty-Year-Old

  1. Aww really! This author won’t get much sympathy from we in our 90’s. He’s still “alive and well” as long as he eats healthily, exercises — and is lucky. The latter, one needs at any age. Every year we own gives us that many more wonderful memories — to enjoy in our really old age — like after 100!

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