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WATCH: Craig Ferguson on Why We Worship Youth


We pulled this clip out of the archives; it’s good for a rueful chuckle. This blast from the past is an insightful piece of comedy by Craig Ferguson, the American TV host and stand-up comedian. (Learn more about his wild ride on TV and see more clips here.)

In “Why Everything Sucks,” Ferguson looks at the history of youth-mania in America and asks if youth really should be our gold-standard.

“The byproduct of youth is inexperience – by the nature of having youth you don’t have any experience. You’re too young to have it, it’s not your fault. You’re young, and you’re kind of stupid…. So the deification of youth kind of evolved into the deification of imbecility.”

Watch and laugh…and let us know what you think in the comments.



2 responses to “WATCH: Craig Ferguson on Why We Worship Youth

  1. I get it. We have all the evidence before us to prove his theory is true.
    Own your age. Show your age. Be your age. It’s a privilege to have survived this journey for as long as you have.

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