WATCH: “An & Ria’s First Flight”


Two women in their 70s go way outside of their comfort zones when they agree to fly for the first time in their lives. Ria has never flown because she’s always traveled with her husband, who’s afraid of heights; An, because the idea of flying terrifies her. The wonder and joy the two express is infectious as they soar through the sky, gazing through their little airplane window at the vast new world they’ve let themselves experience. It might make you want to sign up for something you never thought you’d want to do.

There’s no end to the firsts we can experience, and no matter how much we’ve seen in our lives, each one has the potential to trigger that “wow” feeling about our world.

The documentary video was part of a Vodaphone series  that “connects people with technology to empower them to do amazing things for the first time.” In this case, the technology was the tablet that anxious An uses during the women’s Amsterdam–Barcelona trip to communicate face-to-face with her husband. Another first, respectfully captured by Vodaphone.

Had any new experiences recently?


One response to “WATCH: “An & Ria’s First Flight”

  1. I LOVED IT — thank you so much! I did do some flying — and I remember how frightened I was the first time — on a flight from NYC to Mexico City. A nice gentleman, a salesman of venitien blinds when we landed, took me to supper. During the 60’s I smuggled my two chihuahuas on board — when the stuardess spotted the coat on my lap moving a bit, she gave me a wink!

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