WATCH: An Innovative Model for Aging In Place

Watch Seniors Hold on to Urban Independence Into Old Age on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Beacon Hill Village isn’t really a village. It’s a village-like community. Located in Boston, the nonprofit member organization was created several years ago by a group of seniors who knew they wanted to keep living in their own homes but also knew that the time would come when they’d need support. They didn’t want to be dependent on their kids – so they took action.

The “village” they formed has about 400 members scattered across town and offers car rides for grocery runs and doctor visits, as well as cultural and educational events, social gatherings, free exercise classes and the sense of security that comes from the knowledge that someone will check in on you, and you can pick up the phone and get help.

PBS filmed the members going about their daily lives and the volunteers who help them make this innovative model work.

Could you see living in a “village” like this?


5 responses to “WATCH: An Innovative Model for Aging In Place

  1. I would also be interested but will not be available to meet since I’ll be traveling on Tuesday and out of the country until mid april. Can you keep me in the loop via email? I agree that some are more financially secure then others. I’m probably in the middle. Would love to see if this concept can become a reality in New York City!

    1. Hi George –

      Thanks for responding. Right now, I’m thinking of sitting down over coffee with yourself and any others who respond at a Coffee place called Grounded @ 28 Jane Street next Wednesday. I propose a 6pm get together to accommodate any who work.

      Meanwhile, think about what such a “village” might hope to do.

      What is your thinking?

      Robert (

      1. I see a real need for this type service. I see seniors afraid to trust, afraid to come out of the house, to open the windows. qq!
        Some if us are abled bodied, some have more funds than others.
        There must be trust, are we really out to help each other???.
        I used to deliver meals on wheels, I’ve seen the need first hand.
        Yes, I would be interested.

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