WATCH: 98-Year-Old Gets Her Driver’s License Back So She Can Help Out


“Ways to Legally Get Your Elderly Parent’s Keys,” “How to Talk to Elderly Adults About Giving up the Keys,” “Seniors behind the wheel: Few kids have the talk” – the web is littered with stories and how-tos about grown kids having “the talk” with their parents.

This video tells the story of Evelyn, a 98-year-old retirement community resident who took back her car keys. When management at the community cut bus service, Evelyn’s neighbor was stuck: she needed transportation to buy her weekly groceries, and without the bus, she feared she would have to move out.

“I’d lost my driver’s license because somebody thought I was too old,” Evelyn says. “I was heartbroken. It made me feel old. It made me feel useless.”

So Evelyn went to get her driver’s license back. She took her test, passed and now accompanies her friend to the grocery store every week. “I’m here on the earth. If I can contribute, I should. Shouldn’t we all?”

“My daughter says, Mother, you shouldn’t do this, you shouldn’t do that. I say, ‘Well, OK.’ And I do what I please.”

Among the comments under this video on YouTube are several from viewers who believe no 96-year-old should be allowed on the road. What do you think? Share your comments by scrolling down or on YouTube.



10 responses to “WATCH: 98-Year-Old Gets Her Driver’s License Back So She Can Help Out

  1. Age does not determine one’s ability to drive.
    Older people have many decades of driving
    experience and can be excellent drivers.
    They have fewer accidents than young drivers
    with less experience. If they can pass the tests their desire to continue to drive should be respected.

  2. The Motor Vehicle Drivers’ Test is the criteria for everyone, barring mental and/or physical infirmity and/or anti or asocial behavior. Why should this driver be singled out for denial? She passed. Let’s celebrate her longevity, community spirit and cerebral integrity. Hopefully, her daughter has similar genes and is just being overly solicitous.

  3. Even though I will someday be facing the same problem, I think an age limit on driving should be imposed. We have age requirements for the young for similar reasons- it’s just not safe. Yes, some 98 year olds may be good drivers, but most folks over 85 are a risk on the road. Our eyesight gets worse, our reflexes slow down, and the possibility of a heart attack or stroke while driving endangers others. If you can afford to drive, you can afford a cab. There’s no reason to feel useless or trapped.

  4. Right on to the 90+ lady! Driving ability should be judged on individual grounds, not on ignoranc and ageism. Naturally!

    Although in general – being a Green Party member in my country, I’m for more collective transport and fewer cars ..

    Katarina Wallin

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