WATCH: 2013, the Year in Review

Every year, Google creates a “Zeitgeist” video that gives us a sweep of the past year’s global events by showing us what we searched for on the Internet. Watch the video above to see which names, words and phrases captured the world’s attention in 2013 – from new beginnings, to new frontiers and final goodbyes.

So far 12 million people have watched Google Zeitgeist 2013. But there’s another Internet Year in Review video getting clicks on the web and kudos from around the world. Collaged together by Jean-Louis Nguyen from snippets of  Internet video, it shows us “What Brought Us Together” in 2013 and – with its tough reminders and moving tributes – reminds us that the World Wide Web really is a powerful tool for joining us across neighborhoods and oceans, through hardship and joy.

“The Web in Review”


Here’s to a peaceful 2014 across the world.


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