Video: She’s 91 and She’ll Know When It’s Time to Go

No, this very short PBS “Brief But Spectacular” video is not about Flossie Lewis’s secret for “staying young.” It’s about growing old, knowing when it’s time to go and dying with attitude.

Lewis is crippled. She’s in pain. But life is worth living. Take politics, for example: Watching the political scene unfold keeps Lewis going. So does writing occasional verse for publication. Life is, overall, good — for now.

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  • James Hayes

    I just watched the PBS segment on Flossie tonight. How I would have enjoyed, having her for a teacher. What an inspiration
    Now that I’m retired, and keep myself busy. Im surrounded by other retirees that do not. How I I wish there was a Flossie around, to bring some life to the party.

  • Dave Hirsch

    I completed 95 Big Ones last July. Been there, done that. Came near getting my ass shot off on Okinawa. Finished engineering college. Found THE girl. Married her and together enjoyed 62 wonderful years and three kids, raised right. I now live alone with Sammy the cat. I see the world through bifocals. The hearing aid brings wanted and unwanted sounds. The roller walker keeps me from falling on my duff. Cable and the Internet keep me in touch. Consorting with a gal of the same age and circumstances. Like the guy in mad magazine says: “What? Me worry?”

  • Jane Hudson

    Dear Flossie Lewis,

    You were my senior composition teacher at Lincoln High School. Being in your class meant so much to me as you helped to open lots of the world to me, a girl from a working-class family who had not been exposed to much of the world yet. You told us about magazines such as The Atlantic and Harpers, you discussed politics with us – JFK was running for president – you talked about the Beats and their work, oh, and also about HUAC, in San Francisco at the time. What a time it was, and how much you inspired me.

    I went on to CCSF and then to UCB , and later earned an MLIS (library science) degree. I recently retired after 27 years working as a librarian at SFPL. Inspired by you and a few others, this shy, very unsure of herself girl who thought at the time that college was only for the wealthy, is now 73 and trying to be a writer.

    Thanks so much for all you have done for so many students and for who you are – still an inspiration!

    Jane Hudson

  • Ruth Johnson

    Life is a never ending buffet. There are so many goodies out there waiting for us to taste, feel, smell, enjoy, reject. It saddens me to see so many in my age group not considering jumping into the pool because trying something new is frightening. I’ve done the scary stuff (skydiving, white water rafting, etc.). Now I am experimenting with creative writing, helping a terminal man writing his biography, finding singing groups, learning to paint. But the most magical part of this apart of my life is listening. Everyone has a story and I hear some that are worthy of celebration. In my 84th year I intend to embrace every new experience I can capture. Please join me!

  • ERF

    I just loved this video. Very inspiring and validating
    I am a very young 75. I have people sometimes say I act too young and I should conform more to what is expected from someobe my age
    No Way
    When I start acting more somber, react less to the beat of music, have less interest and opinions about life, politics, etc then its time to worry about me.
    This woman made me laugh out loud

  • B. Patterson

    You are a wonderful and inspiring young LADY. I admire your take on the political arena. It is an arena, never saw so much fighting in all my years. Would like to hear from you again soon. Keep the faith!! Your senior partner at 84, Pat.

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