Video of the Week: Wu Tang Gran

Wu Tang Gran from Mandarin Film on Vimeo.

Wu Ying remembers when the People’s Republic of China was founded in 1949. “We were so excited,” she says, remembering when Mao Zedong stood up in Tianamen Square and proclaimed the country’s new beginning. She was eight or nine then; now at 70, having lived through the Cultural Revolution and the reforms of the 80s, Wu expresses her love for freedom through break dance and provides historical perspective for the young punks she faces in dance-offs.


One response to “Video of the Week: Wu Tang Gran

  1. so many nuances. my favorite: “American” culture exported, understood, emulated; older / younger generation communication; aging with class; hip hop vindicated. Though I do wonder if the African American creators of this art form are receiving any royalties!

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