Video of the Week: Seniors Give Back in Exchange for Low Rent

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An intergenerational housing program in Oregon has tapped funding from several sources to offer both seniors and young families a helping hand.

Seniors living in the development’s reduced-rent apartments volunteer about 10 hours a week with their “adoptive families,” caring for kids and providing homework help, music lessons and other types of help. It’s a close-knot community where the generations support one another.

“People who live in an apartment complex with a bunch of older people kind of wither away,” says one senior resident. “Connections across the generations is critical for aging well.”



4 responses to “Video of the Week: Seniors Give Back in Exchange for Low Rent

  1. I so love this idea of seniors and young families living in the same complex so the two varying groups can nurture each other. We have to set up something like this in New York. I am currently living with a younger family because I did not want to wither and die living with same age partners. Wow! Love the idea!

  2. I was thrilled to see this article and learn about
    this living program. I have been wishing for
    something like this to come to NY – maybe not
    exactly the same but similar. I have been
    battling to stay afloat and to not loose
    faith. It is difficult doing so.

    I never realized how stressful and lonely
    these years would be. In my fairytale bubble
    thoughts I imagined people, activities and
    comfortable amenities would be my senior

    I imagine that many good solutions will come
    out of all that is learned from the baby boomers but I also think it will be too late for

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